How to Get on the Naughty List

Why in the world do people spend all year being good, when it is so much more fun to be naughty. When we were kids around Christmas time, we would worry whether or not we were on the Nice or Naughty List. I have compiled a list to keep you on the naughty list, not just around Christmas, but ALL YEAR LONG! Our Phone Sex Girls are on the Naughty List all year around!

  1. Masturbate Daily
  2. Watch porn and touch yourself all the time ( EVEN AT WORK!)
  3. Go commando!- This makes for a yummy day, and makes pocket pool a lot more interesting!
  4. Hook up with strangers
  5. Hook up with friends
  6. Cheat on your girlfriend/ boyfriend ( naughty list here we CUM!)
  7. For Christmas buy Grandma a double headed dildo, and give it to her in front of the entire family
  8. Save your spunk and mix it with your momma’s body wash  *giggle*
  9. Jerk off into as many pairs of your GF/ wife’s panties as you can, and put them neatly back in the drawer
  10. Get your best guy friend an * I LOVE CROSSDRESSING* bumper sticker
  11. Make Hash brownies for your Company Christmas Party
  12. … Then spend the night fucking your Boss ( I’d Love to screw mine *wink*, SHE’S HOT!)
  13. Have a naked snowball fight
  14. Make icicle penises and or tits for all the neighborhood snowmen & snow women
  15. Dip your Cock into the punch bowl of Christmas eggnog
  16. Decorate your tree with sex toys instead of ornaments
  17. Sit on Santa’s Lap and grind til his candy Cane gets rock Hard
  18. Give someone a ” Dick in the Box” for Christmas!
  19. When she says “Wrong Hole”, DON’T Stop
  20. Put Ben Gay, in your roomies personal lubricant
  21. Have Hot Nasty Naughty Phone Sex DAILY!

Do you think My naughty list is naughty enough? If you have something that you think is extra naughty and would like to add it to my naughty list, feel free to comment below.