Naughty Latina Secretary knows how to keep the boss happy.

I know well before I begin my position, the boss is smitten with me. I never stop and think that it has little to do with my skills and much more to do with my assets. A Naughty Latina Secretary is what he wants. He tells me casually that if he wants someone who can do a great job, there are so many girls that won’t be a distraction. In the break room, he gives me a hint on what’s to come. I shrug it off and try not to think too much about it. After all, it could not be significant.

I feel his eyes on me.

At all times, I do feel he’s watching me like a hawk. Never do I wear anything too provocative but he suggests that I must wear shorter skirts. I also have to unbutton my blouses more. There’s quite a trend happening and know that a Naughty Latina Secretary is what he expects. I must admit some groping and some not-so-subtle remarks have become common. One day, he calls me up for a quick meeting. I don’t think much of it. I assume it’s a fast rundown of files or perhaps a to-do list for the week that’s to come. My boss greets me at the door and locks it after I make my way inside.

The energy is different.

I’m not sure what to expect, but he tells how he loves  cum covered faces. I’m in shock, and he sees it, then he begins to express how much of a great asset I am to the company as he begins to feel up my skirt. I freeze up and don’t do much. It’s evident as ever that A Naughty Latina Secretary is the only thing that will satisfy him. He hires me to get him off and explains that if I want to move up, I will have to show him how much I will endure. I’m sure that I want to please him to be his favorite and attain the position for good, ultimately.

However, my boss has his rules and conditions. I must wear the sexiest skirts and blouses and heels at all times. If I really want to keep my job, I will have to say yes. Without a doubt, my boss is blackmailing me into doing what he wants with me.

A blowjob a day keeps the boss at bay.

Things go well when he gets to enjoy some quick one on one time with me. He’s able to trailblaze through meetings and all his cyclic demands. The more I listen to all his reasons and the fact that the salary triples, then it seems more than worth it after all. The one thing that seals the deal is the look of his cock. My boss pulls his cock out, and I’m hypnotized. It’s better than I even could have thought. I have felt it a few times when he has “accidentally bumped me” and it’s way bigger and better than I pictured. Yes, Papi, dominate me and tell me I will be the perfect Naughty Latina Secretary to meet all your desires.


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