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I just love my naughty nights with daddy.  He loves his little incest loving princess so much, he took the time to teach her well. Daddy taught his princess how to be the best tease and perfect please. I waited and waited for mommy to go to bed, I was so excited thinking about the fun I could have with daddy. When mommy finally went to sleep, Daddy came into my room and grabs my hand to help me out of bed. We padded down a dim lit hall to his study. Daddy hands me a bag with a t-shirt and a pair of black lace panties he wants me to wear. I like the black lace panties because they make me feel like a big girl. I put the panties on and stand in front of daddy, I think he likes them too.

Daddy’s girl loves being spoiled

Now I’m ready for daddy to grab me and slide his hands in into my pretty black lace panties. As daddy is sliding his hands all over my body I can’t resist touching him back. Each time I touch him his cock gets harder and harder. Finally he can’t resist me anymore than I can him. He slides off my t-shirt as I unbutton his shirt.  I then unbutton daddy’s jeans as he slides everything off, he then takes my panties and slowly removes them. He ask “are you going to be daddy’s naughty girl?” I reply “I’m always going to be your naughty girl daddy.” He then pushes me up against the wall as I can feel how hard he is against me. His his gentle lips run further down my body. I’m about to finally have incest sex with daddy.

I feel the warmth of his tongue on my little mound, running up the soft slit as he tasted me, causing him to release a heartfelt moan of bliss. Then daddy stood up and I begin to go further down running my tiny lips down his hard body. He slides his throbbing cock into my small moist swollen lips, begins to pump his throbbing mass in and out of my throat . Daddy’s moans got louder and louder.

Fuck me daddy!

Daddy picks me up and puts me on his desk and slides that cock in my tight wet pussy and says “Are you ready for daddy to show you how a real man fucks?” I reply “oh yes daddy please”. Daddy thrust inside me really hard and deep as I wrapped my legs around him he moans louder and says “daddy loves your sweet tight pussy” and then I feel him release his warm creamy white load inside me.  Daddy is so much fun, I can’t wait to play with daddy again. If you think my naughty incest story was hot wait until you hear about our family fun night.

Kinky Kelsey