Mind control sex stories show the real power of suggestion

I never knew how much I’d love mind control sex stories until I found myself in the middle of one in real life!  It really started out as an average day, I was so tired!  It’s so hard to sleep.  I make myself cum again and again and no matter what, I can’t tire myself out.  I was on the verge of giving in to my sleepiness until an old fuck buddy recommended hypnosis.  How had I never thought of that?  He gave me the number of someone he knew so I called and made an urgent appointment for the next day.

The office was pretty much what you’d guess: leather couch, plush rug.  Very unassuming, and the rug was so cozy, I immediately slid off my shoes and started rubbing my toes all over it.  I didn’t expect him to come in and see it, I was so embarrassed.  He didn’t seem to mind, and I’m sure he’s worked with a lot weirder than a young girl like me, so we exchanged pleasantries and I told him I hadn’t been sleeping.  Sometimes I am up so late giving hot phone sex.  “Ah, I can definitely help.  I know just the trick.”

I was instructed to lay back on the couch and close my eyes.

“Let the tension release from your body, starting from your head.  Feel it lift away, then your neck, your chest, your arms and fingers.  Down to your legs — right leg and toes, left leg and toes, feel yourself drift away.  Feel your pussy, feel the tension release.  Are you relaxed, Naomi?”  It felt like I was about to get some hot guided masturbation.

“Mmmm, yes.”  It’s so strange, you know, to feel so relaxed yet have no control over your own body.  As soon as he mentioned my pussy, I could feel how wet I was growing.  What was he doing to me?  Still though, he continued.

“Naomi, can you hear me?  Feel yourself falling still deeper into relaxation.  Are you all mine, Naomi”

“Yes, sir.”  I replied.

“And you’d do anything I say?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Alright Naomi, tell me about your bra.  Would you like to take it off for me?”

Without even thinking, I started to take my bra off.  He asked for my matching lace panties to go next.  Before I knew it, I was fully nude on the leather couch.  I couldn’t do anything unless he willed me to.  He instructed me then to lay on that plush rug I had been playing with when he walked in.  I did as I was told.  I opened my legs, reached for his cock, and glided it up against my moistened, tight little slit.

“Naomi, I want you to beg me to fuck you.”

So I did.  Over and over again, feeling him in my trance-like state pound his cock further deep into me.  Woke up on the leather couch, fully dressed.  I wasn’t aware of what had happened and I really have finally been able to sleep.  I see him weekly.  He loves his mind control over my pussy.

Who can blame him?  Would you prefer to be hypnotized by my young voice, or hypnotize me to do all of your naughty bidding?  There’s no limits to what a hot, young phone sex operator like myself can do.  Give me a call and let’s play mind control sex stories.