High School Sex Stories: teen girl loves to get fucked in the band room

I remember high school like it was yesterday. I hated the classes and teachers but I loved the boys. One of my favorite high school sex stories. involves me and a guy from my music class. Yes, he was a very sexy boy and me being the horny teen girl with huge tits I always had all the attention from the boys in school. Secretly being a huge slut I loved it. Wanting to fuck him so bad. I asked him for his help in learning how to read music but my real scheme was to actually seduce him. So one day during lunch the music teacher let us use the class.

So we could practice music and we wouldn’t be disturb. the whole time he was teaching me how to play the flute. I was staring deep into his eyes. I started rubbing on his cock area. He suddenly stopped playing and kinda jumped. He was a bit shocked but his hard cock let me know he enjoyed it. So I was telling him to put the flute down and use those fingers for something else.

He started rubbing my already wet pussy.

It felt so fucking good. Getting down on his knees he started to suck and lick on my clit. OMG, I  was shacking! I was so happy that he actually knew what he was doing licking my pussy so good. Wanting to taste his dick. Pulling his cock out I  started sucking on the head of it. His cock going immediately into my mouth. It was a very nice size cock. Couldn’t wait to have it inside of me.  Pulling my skirt up I got up and bent over the teacher’s desk for him. Coming up behind me he put the head of his cock inside of me.

It felt so good as he slowly guided it all in. Starting to fuck me harder. I had to hold on to the desk tighter making sure I didn’t scream too loud.  Fucking me for a while I heard a big yell from him and a deep thrust. Feeling his hot load shoot all into me. Omg, It was amazing and will always be one of my favorite high school sex stories. We had a lunch date in that classroom many many more times.

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