His Naughty Groupie Rocks His World With A Masturbation Stand Off

There is a little groupie deep down inside every single woman out there. Why is that? Because music has the ability to inspire so many emotions. Not the least of which is lust. Desire can be multiplied an infinite number of times just by adding the right music. I got turned on by his music WAY before I even knew what he looked like. And then… the band came to town. Of course I had to go! I made sure I had front row seats. I wore the skimpiest outfit I could. Short little black micromini, tight barely there red tshirt. Tall black fuck me boots. And I finished that up with a just fucked hairstyle and slut red lipstick. I looked smoking hot! I was sure I would catch his eye. And I did.

As he sat there on that stage looking like a rock god, I saw him look at me, saw his eyes linger on every little detail. I waited and waited but never got the expected invitation backstage. It upset me but I didn’t let it get me down. I started following the band, just waiting for my chance. And I finally got it this weekend! After a short break, a security guard taps me on the arm and tells me that I will be welcome in my rock god’s dressing room after the show. I was so excited! My nipples immediately puckered up and my pussy started to throb.

I knew this would be exactly what I expected it to be.

Fast forward to after the show. I was lead into the dressing room to wait for him. I sat the quietly, trying to calm my heart rate. Finally after what seems like a thousand years, the door opens and he walks in, even more gorgeous close up. He smiles and sits down on the other end of the couch. I bite my lip and stare at him, trying to come up with something to say. I didn’t want to be just another groupie.

My mind was racing, wanted him to remember me and I knew the way to do that was not to prattle incessantly at him.

So instead I raised my eyebrow, slid my shirt over my head, revealing my big milky tits. I turned to face him and opened my thighs to show that I wasn’t wearing my panties beneath my skirt. I let my hand trail down to my damp lips and between to slide over my swollen clit.

He looked surprised but smiled wider and started to undo his pants, pulling out his big hard fuckstick. Watching him stroke that cock from the base up to the fat mushroom head made me catch my breath.

I kept up the masturbation stand-off for as long as I could, but soon I couldn’t take it anymore and started crawling across the couch to slide that thick dick into my mouth in one fell swoop. He gasped and then started to moan quietly. I licked and sucked my way up and down until he grabbed me and slid his belt over my neck, holding on to the end. He slid behind me and played with that pussy until I cried out, begging him for the cock.

Damn… I can’t get that image out of my head. And that’s just one of the free sex stories this naughty groupie can tell you!

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