With all that has been going on lately, I have been feeling a bit more stressed than usual. My daughter is telling me about my grandson’s new education direction. He now knows how to do hypnosis. Of course, in my case, it is going to be naughty grandson mind games.

I am a sexy granny and he is always staring at me in that way. I should know he has ulterior motives offering to help me with hypnosis. However, I require stress relief and say yes to a session with him.

It turns out my grandson can use hypnosis to not only relieve stress but implant control triggers in people’s minds. And, that is his plan for his granny. That is where the ulterior motive comes in for him.

Of course, I am a gullible woman and fall for his naughty grandson mind games today.

Perhaps, I am lonely and craving some perverted fun with my grandson. He is a grown man with needs and I am a grown woman with needs. Of course, that is why I love playing with my younger callers during my GILF Phone Sex.

Those sexy men calling to have grandma suck their cocks. Oh, how it gets my pussy nice and wet pleasing them with my amazing sexual skills. There is something so hot about climbing on his cock and riding him until he fills me with cum.

So, perhaps, today is the day, I let this one cross the line with his naughty grandson’s mind games. Truth is, I have wanted him for as long as I can remember. I finally get the opportunity today.

Little do I know, his ideas are so different than mine.

I am expecting he will hypnotize me to suck his dick and have sex. He is planning on using it to make me his sex slave. Oh, yes, turns out my grandson is craving some soft BDSM fun with granny.

He has me sitting down, closing my eyes, and relaxing. His voice is soothing and instantly puts me at ease. As he is talking, I am quickly in a trance-like state. Once in this state, he is implanting some trigger words that allow him to get me to do whatever he asks.

First, he has implanted I am insatiably horny. Next, he can do whatever, including tying my hands behind my back. After that, he places me on my stomach. He is taking full advantage of his naughty grandson’s mind games today.

As I lay on my stomach, I wonder what will happen next. 

Soon, I feel him rubbing his hard dick on my ass cheeks. My pussy is dripping wet and ready. He uses his hands to part my ass cheeks and slowly slides inside my ass. I am so turned on I am ready to cum.

As he is going at my tight butt, I hear him moaning he is going to cum. Just as he is letting his load blow, I am cumming too. Whew, I needed that! He has me get up, get back into my other clothes, get into my chair and wakes me up.

I can feel the gooey mess in my butt but don’t know what it is. I feel so at ease as he brings me out of the trance. He asks, “How are you feeling, Granny?” I say, “Wonderful, honey.” Little do I know this is just the beginning of his naughty grandson’s mind games.

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