Hello there my friends and readers. If you have been keeping up with this dirty old broad, you know what a fucking pervert I am. You also know that I love family-play and age-play. Also, my family has been indulging in them for years and that I am playing with my grandkids all the time. So, imagine the pride I am feeling today when my grandson is offering to be my Naughty Grandma Helper with our orgy and his younger sister!

Tonight is our holiday orgy. My guests include family, friends and some new neighbors. All of them are open to the naughtiest of sexual play so tonight is going to be very nasty. My favorite fuck buddy is in town and I have promised my granddaughter she can play with him too. She has the biggest crush on him and wants to explore some naughty games.

Her brother is our Naughty Grandma Helper for this event.

Therefore, he is going to work his way around the party making sure everyone has what they need and also to step in to help groups with another cock. He has a fantastic dick too! Nice and big, beautiful balls and ass to boot! All my friends have been wanting to play with him and tonight they are getting their wishes. He is going to be a favorite naughty grandma helper.

My granddaughter is excited as it is her first orgy with us. She knows we have them and what we are doing. She is always asking to attend but I didn’t think she was ready yet. This year, I know she is ready and allowing her to play. Maybe next year she is my naughty grandma helper. Who knows, we will see how this goes first. I know she is going to be busy tonight. She is so pretty and her body is absolutely gorgeous.

Furthermore, she is petite and her pussy is tiny and tight.

This is going to be an epic holiday orgy. Additionally, my friends and I have been preparing for a few weeks. All of us have new toys we are contributing to the fun tonight. We even have sex swings set up. I am telling you, tonight is off the chain fun! Not to mention, all my kids and grandkids are in town for the holidays and attending with me. Full-on family fun too!

My naughty grandma helper knows where everything is, how to use them and how to clean the ones that are being shared. It is a dirty, nasty event with more sex during this night than most couples have in a year. That is fucking awesome! Imagine all the details I can share on my GILF phone sex sessions! You see, some things we are doing are not for written blogs.

Don’t make that sad face, you can call me to get those Taboo GILF Pleasures with ALL the details!

Seriously, I will give you every little detail down to the tastes, textures, and sounds. Now, back to the fun tonight. We have the place decorated with a gorgeous holiday theme. All of the rooms are ready for guests. Some of them are able to hold as many as 15 people for their orgy fun. Therefore, my naughty grandma helper is a busy boy tonight.

He is so excited as everyone is arriving. Consequently, he has rested up for tonight, knowing he will be going all night long. As the guests are arriving, he and I are welcoming them. Most of them are all over him. Touching, kissing and fondling his tight young ass. I swear you can bounce quarters off that sexy butt of his.

We have a bar set up and everyone is quick to get to drinking.

In no time, we are buzzing and ready to play. People are starting to make out here in the main room. It is so hot to watch as people pick who they are playing with first. I am waiting so I can help my naughty grandma helper at first. Clothes are falling off quickly and I notice my grandson is wearing a non-stop hard-on and giant smile. I lean in and give him a big kiss as we get to serving our guests.

Certainly, you are curious to hear all the nasty details. Call me and I will spill them.

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