Naughty Girl Dancer Has a Hot First Time

I grew up in a family that found every excuse possible to turn normal parties into dance parties.  In fact, from the time I could walk, I was moving my body to the beat of the music.  Of course, when my body started to develop into a woman’s (age 12), moving to the music became quite erotic and sexual.  Of course, that was because dancing got all my yummy parts heated up and ready to go.  Which, in turn, transformed me into a truly naughty girl tease.

Sex On the Beach, Anyone?

Once I realized that dancing got my pussy extra juicy, I was constantly on a quest to feed my inner naughty girl tease with some extra hot dancing.  Of course, school dances became opportunities to unleash that hot, naughty teen tease on every boy I could.  Unfortunately, there weren’t enough dances to feed my naughty girl tease pussy.

A local Holiday Inn on the beach gave me an unexpected chance to feed that sweet naughty girl tease.  Of course, that got my cunt extra juicy as well.  I had spent the afternoon sunbathing by the pool.  Of course, a few times throughout the day, I snuck into the bar area.  I used my love of dancing to tease quite a few men.  As I moved my body to the music, I could feel pussy begin to drip with moisture.  After that, I regularly snuck into the hotel bar at night.  My inner naughty girl tease was unleashed on bigger boys ready to play.

I had been dancing at the hotel for a few weeks when I met Bob.  Bob was well over 6 feet, had dark curly hair, and shared my love of dancing.  And, if I’m being candid, he also loved how young and hot I got while rubbing my body against his cock on the dance floor.  Bob would activate my naughty girl tease with every stroke of his hand against my ass.

 Naughty Girl Tease Fantasy Becomes Reality

It was a typical Thursday night at the hotel.  I wore my older sister’s ultra-short flower power go-go dress and white knee-high shiny boots.  Of course, my dress just barely covered my bikini-covered pussy.  Every time my sheer nylon-covered legs moved to the erotic beat of the music, my pussy would get juicier.  Bob’s hand was on my ass while his other hand clutched my hair.  As I looked up at him, his mouth covered mine.   Of course, my naughty girl tease self loved how his tongue filled my mouth.  Then, as his tongue fucked my mouth, I could feel his hard cock pushing against my barely covered cunt.

Bob grabbed my hand as he pulled me out into the starlit night.  I giggled as he dragged me towards the pathway to the beach.  Before we could reach the sand, he stopped.  I gasped as Bob looked down at me with eyes that burned with heat.  As he slipped his hands over my ass, I moaned with pleasure.  Then Bob lifted me to sit on the walkway’s railing.  As soon as I was in position, his hard cock pushed against my soaking wet pussy as he tongue fucked my mouth.

Want to Pop My Cherry Too?

Before I knew it, we were on the beach.  As we slid down to the sand, my panties were ripped away from my now aching cunt.  He was a gentleman and laid down as he pulled me onto his hips to straddle him.  Bob smiled up at me as he pulled my dress down to reveal my purple bra.  My hard nipples glistened in the moonlit night as his mouth devoured them.  The waves muffled my screams of pleasure.  Sometimes a naughty girl tease gets the tables turned on her.

Bob took his shirt and jacket off and quickly moved his body so that I was laying on his clothes as he slid down my body and plunged his very talented tongue into my soaking wet pussy.  My moans of pleasure filled the air as my entire body shook with what would be the first of many orgasms.  Of course, I became his oral sex feast.

As Bob slid up my body and slid his cock into position at the wet mouth of my cunt he smiled down at me.  Quickly, I wrapped my arms around him as I pulled him down for another hot kiss.  I gasped into his mouth as his flesh slid into my virgin pussy.  This naughty girl tease fantasy got real in some very juicy ways.

Cum to the Beach with Me

The crashing waves became the background noise to our combined moans and screams of orgasmic pleasure.  My naughty girl tease fantasy was way better in reality.

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