The Ultimate Naughty Girl Next Door

When I was a teen, I wasn’t your typical sweet girl next door. I was the naughty girl next door, the kind that every guy wishes lived next door. My lucky neighbor was Barry. He was an older man in his late forties and married. But I didn’t care about that! He was hot and kept fit and I wanted his cock badly. He basically won the lottery living next to a hungry little slut like me. Honestly, I was so horny that summer that my sexual appetite could not be quenched. My little pussy just wanted to be constantly pounded. And luckily, Barry was just as horny for my sexy teen body. 

First, Flirting 

Our sex-filled summer started when I went out to wash my new car in the driveway wearing a teeny tiny red bikini. Barry was mowing his lawn but I swear he almost took out a few plants because he couldn’t take his eyes off of me. He didn’t know it at the time, but I was the naughty girl next door of his dreams. Of course, I knew immediately that I’d have Barry wrapped around my little finger in no time. 

I gave him a girly little wave and a sexy smile. He waved back and watched as I squeezed the soapy sponge down my cleavage. The suds ran down my sexy curves, then I sprayed the water all over me to rise off, putting on a little show for him. He had stopped mowing to stare at me, mentally fucking me, I’m sure. So, I approached Barry and asked if I could take a dip in his swimming pool since I was already dressed for it. I could see his stiff cock bulging from his shorts. He said I could, of course, and invited me in. But as soon as we were inside his house, I turned to him and stripped off my little bikini. 

Then Lots of Fucking with The Naughty Girl Next Door   

Barry got naked right there in the hall too. His huge cock stood at attention as he took in the sight of my sexy teen body. Suddenly, he picked me up and fucked me hard against the wall. And that’s basically how my summer with Barry went. He worked from home, so as soon as his wife would leave for the day, I would sneak over to fuck him. 

He would worship my hot teen body and fuck me silly for hours. We had nothing in common except the fact that we wanted to fuck each other’s brains out. Which was exactly how I liked it. This naughty girl next door didn’t want a relationship! She just wanted her pussy pounded by a hard cock!

Addicted to His Cock

Being with an older man as a teen definitely had its perks. For example, I was introduced to a lot of new things I’d never tried before. One day, he brought out a massive silicone cock and asked me to fuck him with it. That was my first time pegging a guy and I loved the power it gave me. I became addicted to Barry, fucking and being fucked by him. 

Sometimes, I just needed his cock one more time and I’d text him in the middle of the night begging for another cock-injection. Just a quickie, I would promise, but inevitably, we would go for at least an hour. Once he was inside me, he couldn’t stop. I loved being such a naughty girl next door with his wife sleeping upstairs.

We continued our sneaky sex until one day when his wife came home in the middle of the day and caught us in the act. I was riding his cock when she opened the bedroom door and all hell broke loose. They moved soon after but it was fun while it lasted. 


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 Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke