Sometimes, I like to get a hotel room at a nice hotel just for the weekend. It is in my town but a mini getaway. Of course, I have the ulterior motive of some naughty GILF hotel sex. When you stay at upscale hotels, you can usually find a sexy group of businessmen looking for some fun. Of course, every group of men you meet is different. It is about using your skills at reading them to pick the group ready to get wild and kinky with a sexy mature woman. I hang out in the bar and feel the vibe of the different groups.

As the night goes on…

I can tell the perfect set of men for some naughty GILF hotel sex when I see them. When I know they are ready, I move in for the kill, so to speak. I pick the flirtiest guy in the group. He and I start making eye contact and then chatting. Once we have started talking, I slide in how wild I am. Of course, they always ask how wild is that and I get to say how much I love doing gangbangs. They get this look on their face and I know the idea is planted and go off the restroom.

By the time I come back, they are ready to ask me for some naughty GILF hotel sex. All of them falling over the other to get close to me. I suggest my room and off we go for some fun.

Hell, sometimes the group is so big….

It takes two elevator trips to get us all to my room. Once we are in my room, I serve up the drinks and start dancing for them. I love showing off my attributes for this drunken crowd. As my clothes start sliding off, they are practically ripping their suits off. Oh, how I love to see eager men tearing their clothes off to play with me! It is always interesting to see what their dicks are like. Of course, there is always a tiny pecker in the crowd.

And, then it is time for the party and naughty GILF hotel sex to commence. I get down on my knees and let them form a circle jerk around me. I can eye those cocks and choose who to fuck first.

After some stroking and pulling….

I guide them into the bedroom and I pick one for my pussy and one for my mouth and tell the others to jerk off and cum on my sexy body. God, I love a Hot Granny Gangbang so much. Of course, all the businessmen I pick up do too! They’re all away from home and ready to get wild. Sliding their married cock in this mature pussy makes their trip. And, getting a crazy gangbang night makes their year. They all love fucking my holes and getting some naughty GILF hotel sex with a hottie. For me, it is time away with sexy businessmen I never have to see again and I love that.

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