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Truthfully, I am and always have a big fan of sex. Starting in my teens I was drawn to others in a very primal way. Being near them would light an internal fire inside me and it was unquenchable until I fucked that person. Men and women were my victims.

My naughty fuck stories make me sound like a succubus, but I am not, just a hottie female beast.

Now, as I have gotten older; my sex drive has been in overdrive. Turns out as a regular person in society, people freak out if I fuck everyone that I know. LOL. Know that others’ opinions generally does not bother me. Likewise, when I am craving the person I have met, I choose to bide my time until the situation is just right.

I recently went to San Francisco and celebrated my birthday early with my super hot, blonde, college roommate; Trista and her husband Mark. Trista looks like your stereotypical southern California housewife. Mark is hella smart and does something with computers. Honestly, I don’t care; Mark is fucking hot! Tall, dark, and handsome; he could pass as a Tom Ford look-a-like. Trista was my first lesbian sex experience back in college, and the fun between us never stopped. Last year for my birthday, Trista and I had super hot College Girl Cream Pie fun!

Every girl needs some “special” girl time, right bitches!

Surprisingly, Mark has never joined us; but this time he does. We go to Golden Gate Park to “our spot” and friends meet up with us. We lounge out in the grass, semi-hidden by trees but still in public and it turned into a hot fuckfest. As a result, everyone is with everyone, a massive orgy with all our old college friends and Mark.

Trista is shocked to see how much fun Mark is having. We look at each other realizing we can utilize this side of Mark in the future. He is happily fucking our friend, Celia. His cock is buried deep in her pussy as she rides him like a rodeo cowgirl. The look of pure pleasure on his face makes us laugh out loud.

Taking advantage of our time, Trista pulls me into a passionate kiss.

Trista is an amazing lover and we have always enjoyed each other so much. Consequently, she is one of the reasons I am so good at hot phone sex. My experiences with her have kept me in tune with other women. When I am near a woman that is lesbian or bi-sexual my body knows immediately.

With Trista is it special though. She is my first and she has skills no one else can match. As she lays me down, she expertly removes the clothes I have left on. Kissing each area of bare skin. Lighting a fire in my pussy that craves her touch and tongue. Working her way down my body, she finally gets to my pussy.

Wet and ready for her to bring me to climax…

Therefore, I spread my legs and allow her to work her magic on my pussy. She is using her tongue on my clit as I lose all control and squirt my sweet pussy juice all over her face. One of the guys next to us is leaning in to clean her face up. As a result, we all start to explore each other and are back at it within minutes. All afternoon we are fucking, sucking, and climaxing. Most importantly, the trip is a huge success for this horny gal and one of my fave naughty fuck stories!

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