Preachers. Intruding my privacy is their hobby. Always has been. And really, I was sick and tired of asking them to stop ringing my doorbell. If words couldn’t help me rid myself of those self-righteous men, then actions would. So, I decided to bring up an objection they would not forget in a hurry. Knowing these naughty fathers of god, I don’t think it would be too hard to find one.

I set my plan to motion on a Saturday morning. They were at my door again, their lips ready to spill out some myths I would rather not hear.

But I was ready for my uninvited guests. I wrapped a floor-sweeping white robe around my slender body and secured it with a belt around my belly. The robe would seamlessly allow me to transition to the second phase of my plan.

Naughty Fathers Of God Will Have A Choice – I Hope They Choose Sin

Once I executed my plan, only one of two things would happen: the preachers would either stop ringing my doorbell for good, or they would come ringing my doorbell every day.

I had a feeling it was the latter. I, after all, had the rare ability to carve my name into a man’s heart at first sight.

When I opened my door, I greeted the preachers with a warm smile. They were slightly older than me but were still a couple of years away from their thirties. I welcomed them into my apartment and waited for them to introduce their message before kicking off my plan. I tugged at my belt, and once it loosened, my robe fell open, revealing my naked body which had never been resisted by a man.

The naughty fathers of god just gasped. They stood rooted. Their jaws fell.


I Enjoy Watching The Lust In Their Eyes Build

I was right to think they would not resist me. Waiting for them to break out of their momentary trance took some patience, but I couldn’t wait that long to soothe the slowly building ache between my legs. I stepped forward to meet them. I reached sideways to touch the two men at once, and then I ran my hands along with their bodies.

A gasp escaped me as I made my way to their cocks. Their cocks were steadily hardening and would be fully erect within moments. Just what I wanted.

I leaned forward and whispered into the left ear of the second man. If they want me to listen to their speeches, they were going to have to spread me open and pound me right here – and I made sure to say that. I really enjoyed their surprised faces and their cocks giving away the enjoyment they were trying not to show me.

My Turn

“So, do I call you father, or daddy now?” I joked at them while leaning against the wall with my hands guiding one of their shafts inside me.  These naughty fathers of god just froze for a moment. Finally, that joke was just enough to make him crack as he grabbed my wasted and roughly pushed his cock all the way inside that tight little cunt of mine.

I Want To See Their Defeat As They Cum

looking over at the other father, I wondered what he would do. I initially thought they would assumedly spit roast me, or take turns. Neither happened. the second father pulled out his cock, jaw wide open, and just watched. Stroking that dick like some kind of pathetic cuck enjoying watching these naughty fathers of god go balls deep into this whore’s pussy with his eyes fueling the erection. He doesn’t get to get away with just that tho. Pray. I made him pray the whole time until he shot that load all over the ground.

So one father pounding harder every moment, excited to release his load inside me, and another is praying louder by the second as he gets close to climaxing. Oh, the control I have with them now. Go ahead then, father. I want to watch you cum on the floor like a nicely dressed bitch.

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