My sister loves bragging about her husband’s huge cock. Of course, I get more dick than she can imagine but I want to try my brother-in-law’s dick out. To do that, I am resorting to naughty family blackmail.

He is a total flirt. I am not sure if he is actually cheating but I do know he is always flirting with his lady customers. I don’t think my sister has a clue. Additionally, I have been taking pictures.

The pictures look worse than what is happening and that is why I have them. He loves my sister very much and would never want her to leave him. And, I don’t want that either.

However, I am happy to use naughty family blackmail to get my way.

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It is as if I am driven to ride his cock. I know my sister and she is not one to exaggerate. If anything, she is leaving out some of the details. That means it might be even better than she says.

Even my callers can tell you what a size queen I am.

When I am online providing Hot Phone Sex, I will pick on the guys with tiny dicks that call me.  I am happy to use some humiliation on their loser asses and take them down a peg or two.

I get callers that love the naughty family blackmail as well. We do some roleplay with it. Of course, blackmailing your brother-in-law to get access to his huge meat stick is super fun.

We are alone at the house and I am taking this moment to get what I want. I tell him my sister is bragging about his huge pecker and I want to see it. He is acting all weird and saying no.

This girl doesn’t take no for an answer.

It is time for my naughty family blackmail. Of course, I knew he would be like this and pull out my incriminating pictures. The look on his face is priceless. He is immediately denying any wrongdoing. Additionally, he is full of explanations.

Equally, I am ready with rebuttals and able to force him to my will. He is quick at realizing the photos are extremely incriminating even if he is innocent. Feeling his defeat, he knows I am getting my way.

Finally, he is undoing his pants and took out an anaconda size cock. Holy shit, it is amazing. Without hesitation, I am on my knees and sucking it. He is not expecting that but doesn’t push me away.

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