Naughty Erotic Mommy Knows What Pleases you Best.

Naughty erotic mommy has been a surprising turn-on for me in the last few months.  Being an erotic and sexual being over 40, one of my specialties is taboo family fun.  Mommy/son role play has become not only a common call but a favorite.  I answer your call and dive into the pleasure of being the Mommy that knows her boy the best. But Mommy has a fantasy too.

The Best Phone Sex Brings Out Everyone’s Fantasy

Coming out of the shower still slightly wet, I see you watching me. My door is slightly ajar and your excitement while watching Mommy fills my senses.  Patting my damp skin dry, I act as though I’m not playing to your desires.  But I am.  Moving over to the mirrored vanity, I sit down.  As I lather cream on my skin, I close my eyes as I imagine you stroking your cock.  Massaging lotion into my erect nipples, I let out a sigh of pleasure.  Allowing the towel to drop around me, I slide a hand between my thighs.  Rubbing my engorged clit I can feel your excitement build just a few feet away.  And you, as my obvious arousal grows, it becomes very clear that I’m playing to my own desires and fantasy as well.

Family Pleasure is the Best

Turning around to face the door, I call you into the room.  “Mommy knows you’re there.  Cum to me.”  After a brief pause, the door slowly opens, and I see you standing there in boxers tented with an enormous erection.  With my finger, I beckon you closer.  When you’re close enough to touch, I place my hands on your hips and pull you close.  Looking up at your wide eyes and quivering mouth, I smile seductively.  Your naughty erotic mommy knows her boy better than anyone else.

“Mommy needs to know how her big boy tastes,” the words spill from my lips as I push boxers down.  Rubbing my face against your cock I breathe deeply of your musky scent.  Taking your length in my mouth, I feel your hands grip my long hair even as your body quivers against mine.   As I take your cock deep in my throat, I feel the rush of warm liquid filling my hot cunt.  I can feel your cock growing in my throat as your hot and juicy milk fills my throat.  Smiling up at you, I lean back as I swallow every drop.

Your eyes widen as I tell you to kneel between my spread legs.  “Mommy wants you to taste her juicy pussy”, I whisper.  I notice your shaking as I lean back and guide your head to my soaking wet cunt.  I moaned hard as I feel your tongue sliding around my engorged clit.  We both know that your naughty erotic mommy gives you the best surprises.   As I begin to cum I grip your hair tight with my hands as I grind my pussy hard in your face.

Let Naughty Erotic Mommy Teach you Hot Tantra Sex Lessons.

I get a little startled as you pull me down to the floor and turn me over on my stomach.  I get on all fours when I see that your cock is hard again.  My moans of pleasure fill the room as  I feel you grip my hips hard and shove your rock-hard flesh deep into my wet cunt.  I push back hard against you as you begin to fuck me hard.  Through my fog of arousal, I whisper, “Don’t cum in Mommy.” You lean forward and grab my tits.  Of course, my nipples are hard and get even harder as you pull hard on them.  My scream of pleasure fills the steamy room.

 Naughty Erotic Knows Her Boy Better Than Anyone

You scream, “I’m so close to cumming.  Where do you want me to cum, Mommy”.  I smile as I push you back and slide between your legs.  And then I  push your legs wide as my mouth covers your cock again.  Listening to your cries of ecstasy as your hot cum fills my throat makes Mommy so proud of her big boy.  As I take your hand and lead you to my bed, I am filled with anticipation……..

Let Your Naughty Erotic Mommy Expert Fulfill All Your Desires…