Naughty daddy’s girl (How I lost my virginity)

I’ve been a naughty daddy’s girl for a very long time. Have so many erotic confessions and stories to tell. I thought I would begin with how I lost my virginity.  I was very young ( my tits were at a C cup blooming into the overflowing Double D’s you see today) and I was mad over a man who lived 4 blocks away from me. His name was Ben. Ben was 29 years old and amazing. He was 6’2 blue eyes and dirty blonde hair.

I would wear short shorts during the summer time to seduce him but he kept ignoring my dripping virgin pussy.

One day he was walking home from work. I saw him and said, “Why do you always ignore me? It’s not nice.” He smiled and said, “I won’t anymore.” From that day on after school I would always go to his house and hang out with him. He always rubbed my pussy and let me jerk him off but never fucked me. Months later. I arrived at his house. He said, “Are you ready? I am going to train you to be a slut because you are a natural. I’ve been watching you tease me you’re such a naughty little girl.” He walked toward me and started to rub my pussy. I moaned.

He laughed and said “Good slut.Call me Daddy from now on. This little virgin pussy will be my little slut pussy.” He took my panties off and laid me down on his bed. For the first time he licked my pussy and I came so fast then, Daddy took out his cock. I held it before but looking at I didn’t think it would fit inside me. “Daddy I don’t think that it will fit.” He replied, “Aww, don’t worry my little slut it will be fine.” He smiled and slow shoved his cock in my tight dripping pussy. I screamed, “Fuck Daddy is this supposed to hurt?” He said, “At first my little slut, then it will feel good.”

Daddy started pumping his cock faster and faster in my pussy.

It started to feel so good. I told Daddy, “This feels good Daddy. I like this.” He replied, “good girl.” His face contorted and he yelled “I am going to cum little girl! Open your mouth!” He placed his cock between my tits. I complied and opened my mouth. He shot a huge load and said, “Swallow it all!” I swallowed and said, “MMmm that taste good.” Gasping for air Daddy patted my head and said, “Good girl. I have a surprise for you.” Minutes later the door bell rang and I met Daddy’s cousin and a friend of his.

That was my intro to slutdom. Want to find out what happens next.

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