My Naughty Daddy always makes for the best sex story

Everyone knows that grownups like to keep dirty naughty secrets hidden in the back of their closets!! Well, My Naughty Daddy isn’t any different! Except that I’m his super dirty little slutty secret! No one would ever guess all of the super naughty things we’ve been doing together! I love being so super naughty with my Daddy!

Last night, when I was fast asleep in my apartment I heard the door click open. I laid there pretending to be asleep as I heard the heavy footsteps making their way into the bedroom. There was only one person with a key to my apartment. One person that knew that I would be there in my bed fast asleep.

I could feel his weight as he climbed onto the bed. Pushing himself against me… I needed him in that moment more than he would ever know. Pretending as if I was just waking up.

“Daddy, I need you”

Was all I could manage to say before he was there his cock thrusting into my mouth… He knew. I don’t know how he did, but he knew that I had been craving him. Knew exactly what I wanted and needed.
I love it when Daddy uses me like his naughty little slut, and he knows it.  Often using it to his advantage, to get what he wants. Touching me in the exact way he somehow knows I need to be touched. Giving me the best Daddy/Daughter experience you could ever Imagine!

Would you like a taste of Daddy’s little Phone Sex Daughter? To feel how amazing it is to have what you have been coveting for so many years? Come play with me, Daddy! Let’s have a super amazing time together!

One that will leave you aching for more, until you cannot help but come back for seconds!!

I need you, Daddy!

Incest Phone Sex!