Okay so, this is embarrassing, but while I was in the store I saw my old roommate! Since I love a naughty Christmas fuck, I decided to see how it goes.

Let’s just call him Greg. We’d always been on and off, but after seeing him in the checkout aisle, something felt different. I don’t know if it was the way he was doing his hair, or that he got a new tattoo on his bicep, but it was doing me in. Safe to say, I wanted to get to know him better now. My pussy was so wet for him instantly! I just wanted a naughty Christmas fuck so bad. I was super nervous to approach him, but I took the leap and steered myself towards his lane. He gave me a cheeky grin when I pulled up to the register, I’m sure he instantly recognized me with my bright red hair.

We made small talk about his job and how school was going for me, but there was something deep under the surface, something primal.

When he handed me my receipt, it had a little note scribbled on it, “Meet me at 3 during my break by the claw machine.” My heart dropped when I read those words. I really wanted a naughty Christmas fuck with him. So, I sat outside on a bench, twirling my hair around my finger out of habit. I really didn’t know what would happen, but I did know what I wanted to happen. Honestly, I wanted him to kiss me softly along my neck, run his cock on my lips, and absolutely devour my pussy. Turns out if you ask, you shall receive. When it was 3 o’clock, we met by the claw machine. And while he wanted to take me out to some sandwich shop, I told him that we should take things to the stock room!

He snuck me to the back, towing me with his left hand.

I excitedly thought about our hot public naughty Christmas fuck. We got behind a shelving unit out of the view of the doors, and that’s when he pulled me close, placing his firm hands on my back. We kissed in a way that I can’t describe, he moved his lips over mine and used his tongue to explore. I swear I almost ran out of breath, but it was hard to keep my mouth off of his. After what seemed like ages, I moved my head up to expose my neck, and he took the cue to dive in and start gently kissing. He rubbed my thighs as he kept kissing down until he reached my chest. I slipped off my red shirt and bra, and he continued to kiss down all the way to my stomach.

When he reached the waistband of my skirt he looked up pleadingly.

I’ll never forget the way his eyes looked; they were wide and hungry. And I was ready to oblige in a naughty Christmas fuck. I pulled down my skirt and thong, making sure to go slow so enough to make him even hungrier. When they reached my ankles, he kissed around my inner thigh, now he was teasing me and I loved it. After spreading my thighs, he moved his mouth closer to my pussy. At that moment I couldn’t help but give in to the tension. I wrapped my hands around the back of his head and pushed him into me, he dove in, flicking his tongue on my walls, but especially around my clit. He bobbed his head up and down, moving his tongue up and in circles. He loved it even more than a hot MILF playtime.


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