Cheating sex stories, I think I have a sex addiction.

All think about 24/7 is sucking, licking, and riding cock.i was really glad that my bf had a huge sex drive. We did it all the time and so many different ways but I kept wanting more don’t get me wrong he made me organism each time. but when he went to work I found myself needing a dick.this is how my cheating sex stories became a thing. I wanted the real thing. So I decided to be bad and call one of my ex-play toys. He quickly agreed to come over. He knew what I needed before I even could say it.

Once he arrived I let him inside and I was wearing a very sexy lace nightgown. Very bare underneath. We got straight to the sex. Pulling his big cock out I got on my knees and started sucking. I sucked his dick like he was the last man on earth. Bobbing my head up and down on it, deep throating it. It felt so fucking good. He turned me on so much. Bending over the bed and opening my cheeks.

I love being fucked from behind by him.

He knew how to grab my hips just right and jackhammer me on his dick.  Yelling so loud I know the neighbors could hear me. I was in fucking love with his beautiful big dick and I needed everyone to know. Yelling for him to fuck me deeper and harder. He started fucking me like a wild animal.

Whipping his cock out. He busted his load all down my back. Running down my thighs and dripping all over the bed. Getting up I quickly pushed him off my bed. I threw my sheets in the wash and told him to get out before my boyfriend made it home. It’s still to this day my favorite cheating sex stories.

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