BBC Lover : customer became of my greatest fucks

I was known as a BBC lover. Black guys always fucked the longest and best in my option. I remember when I use to work at a clothing store. Always getting the sexiest customers. It was a black Friday so we were so busy. It finally started to slow down a little. And in walked the most beautiful chocolate man I had ever seen. He was tall, nice muscle, and honestly, I could see his dick print through his pants. Knowing he didn’t have on any underwear. Because I could see his BBC just swinging from side to side. It looked so fucking yummy. I almost started drooling from the mouth.

He was very nice when he talked to me. Asking about a couple of the new gym shorts we had in stock. When he was finally ready to try on a couple items. I walked him to the dressing room and unlocked the door. We were really the only ones in the store. Kind of peeking from underneath the door. I could see him sliding his clothes off. His fucking abs looked yummy enough to eat. My pussy was drenching wet by this time. Sliding off his pants next. His cock was standing straight up. So, I started rubbing my pussy a little.

trying not to man too loudly but I really couldn’t help it. I think he heard me at one point. When I wasn’t paying attention, he opened the door and caught me with my hands down my pants. He just laughed a little. and I walked inside the fitting room with him. Got on my knees and started sucking his beautiful cock. Yummy is the only thing that comes to mind.

Sucking and stroking his BBC he loved it so much.

I then got up pulled my shirt up. He pulled my panties to the side. And stuck his cock right in. fucking me so good from behind. It was so hard not to scream. Grabbing my hips, he started fucking me as hard as he could. I knew he was ready to cum. Because he started jack hammering me. Pulled his cock out and jizzed all over my ass cheeks. I truly proved how much of a BBC lover I am.

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