Call Your Naughty Babysitter

I am just your regular naughty babysitter that is willing to go the extra mile when it comes to her job. That is the reason why I am so popular when it comes to it. There’s this really sweet teen I babysit, and her name is Amanda. She’s definitely way too old for me to do it but her parents insist that she needs to be looked after. These past week while I was helping her with her homework she asked me a very peculiar question.

“Adriana, why are my nipples so sensitive.” Amanda asked me.

She went on to tell me that as of lately her nipples had been so sensitive to the point that sometimes they are sore. I knew exactly how to make them better. I took her to her room and slowly started massaging her nice perky teen tits. When she took off her shirt and bra I went straight for her nipples. Soothing them with my tongue. Licking them and softly sucking on them. That is when she started to moan a bit. While I still had one of her nipples in my warm mouth, I started making my way to her tight pussy. I slipped her shorts off and started touching her swollen clit. I just knew she want it my fingers inside her.

After I fingered her, and telling her all about how her pussy gets soaking wet it was time to have some real fun. We started making out and I started getting a bit closer and closer. Our legs locked in, and soon we were scissoring. We grinned our hips in-sync. Our pussies soaking wet as we pressed them together. I kissed her some more and pinched her nipples. She came so hard, she leaned back and I felt a gush of her juices just dripping down on to the bed.


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