I was such a naughty babysitter!

I will never be able to forget the night I was babysitter for my parents friends. They have 3 children whom I used to watch on the weekends for some extra cash, it was also the only way I was able to see my black boyfriend who I had at the time. Well, the parents had left, I had all of the kids fast asleep, and my boyfriend had just got to the house.

I gently pushed him onto the couch and began taking off his pants. His massive black cock popped straight up out of his boxers. I began stroking it and than quickly shoved his thick cock in my mouth. My boyfriend’s black cock was so huge I could barely fit my mouth around it. I remember hearing a car door but didn’t think anything about it since my parent’s friends weren’t supposed to be home until close to midnight. Well, I was wrong.

The front door opened quietly, as they didn’t want to wake the kids. I saw the door open in the corner of my eye and I jumped while trying to cover my boyfriends big black cock. I was shocked and didn’t know what to say. The parent’s were furious!

“What in the world?! You’re our babysitter!!”

They threatened to call my parents… I knew I wouldn’t be able to be a babysitter if they found out what I had been doing… Next thing I knew the dad whispered in his wife’s ear and they both walked over to me. I begged them to give me another chance, and to keep me as a babysitter. They both grabbed me and forced my arms together as he tied my wrists together with his tie. I couldn’t move!

My boyfriend was yelling at them telling them to stop. The dad pushed my boyfriend back on to the couch as he grabbed me again and forced me with all of his strength to sit on my boyfriends thick back cock. I was screaming in pain as his thick black cock tore my pussy. I was begging them to stop! I was such a little slut, I loved cock. But, I hadn’t had a black cock yet! I was in so much pain as my wrists were tide together and my pussy was stretching as big as it could. I could feel it tear!

My boyfriend stopped fighting them as his thick black cock was going deeper and deeper inside the tightest pussy he had ever had. He was liking it! I was crying in pain as my worthless body was being forced into my boyfriend’s black cock. I was limp and had no strength to fight. This went on for about 10 minutes until my boyfriend said he was about to cum.

The dad ripped me off of my boyfriend, and told him to blow his load into his wife!

“You’re going to watch me fuck our babysitter” the dad told his wife.

Threw me on the floor, then he spread my ass cheeks and began sticking his long cock into my tight little unused ass. I was trying to scream with any energy and strength I had left. I was just a worthless body on the floor as the dad had his way with me. I turned my head and couldn’t believe what I was seeing. My boyfriend was fucking the dad’s wife right beside me.

My worthless body was being used and fucked by my dad‘s best friend and my boyfriend was fucking his wife.

After that night, I realized what a dirty little slut I was. I wanted more. I wanted to be used, forced, and talked down to. So, I had to lie, I told my parents that their friends (couple I babysat for) requested I stayed an hour later for business reasons… But the real reason is I stay later to have my holes used and abused by my parents best friends.

You could say I am a pretty naughty little babysitter.

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