Everyone needs a naughty babysitter!

When I was still in high school I had a great gig watching this couple’s toddler while they went away on date nights. They were young but had a beautiful home filled with things I could never imagine being able to afford. The job was pretty easy as the kiddo pretty much just slept while I was there. Naturally, I had to be a bit of a naughty babysitter and snoop around a bit to see what I could find.

There it was: a beautiful clawfoot bathtub calling my name. I didn’t hesitate to draw a hot bath and even treated myself to the mother’s bubble bath. The family had a big tv mounted in the bathroom and as I slipped into the tub I switched it on. To my surprise, the room was filled with music and suddenly a familiar woman was on the screen. The mother I was working for was laying tied down to her bed only wearing a small lace thong. At first, I thought I should turn it off, but as I started to soak in the tub I couldn’t help but feel myself craving more.

I watched the screen as her husband walked around the bed and teased her exposed body. The sound of her moans made my knees weak and I found myself spreading my legs as I watched. He had climbed on top of her and began fucking her mouth and forcing her to give him oral sex. His hand slipped into her panties easily and I watched eagerly as he made her cum on his thick fingers.

Her body was too perfect on camera…

My legs were spread wide and hands on either side of the tub as I watched my bosses on the screen. I had two fingers sliding deep inside my aching pussy as I rubbed my clit with my other hand. I truly felt like a naughty babysitter as my hips thrust into the air to feel myself deeper. The way I made myself cum was like nothing I had felt before. I quickly cleaned up and turned the tv off before heading back downstairs. That night when they came home I could feel my cheeks burning. I definitely love being a naughty babysitter.  

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