I’m always such a naughty baby girl!

Maybe it’s because I love getting all of Daddy’s attention or maybe I just like getting hard spankings. Daddy loves his naughty baby girl even when she is a bad girl. Sometimes I can’t help that my pussy gets so wet thinking about daddy’s hard cock and all his cum that is just for me. He always tells me that its all for me before he fills my tight cunt with all his hot daddy cum.

Tonight though, daddy told me he had a very special bedtime story for me. It is about a naughty baby girl, just like me. But this naughty baby girl was also a real princess. Her daddy was the king and she lived in a big, beautiful castle! Obviously, the king loved his princess so much. She was the fairest princess in all the land.

One night, the king came to tuck in his princess.

He told his naughty baby girl that one day very soon he would need a very special gift from her. The princess was so excited that she could barely sleep. All night she dreamt about what daddy would need from her. She hoped that she would be able to make him very happy.

A few weeks later and the special day had arrived. It was the night of a special princess’s birthday and that night the king went into his perfect princess’s bedroom. She laid in bed in her pretty pink nightgown as her daddy told her tonight was a special night. Tonight her daddy was going to fill her up with a magical love potion.

He told her only the prettiest princesses got filled with a magical love potion from the king. He also said it would make her feel so warm and wonderful inside. The princess was so excited and gave her daddy a big hug.

How do I get the magical potion, daddy?

The king smiled and kissed her forehead.

Let me show you…

The king takes the hand of his princess placing it down his trousers. The princess, being the naughty girl she is starts to rub against the king and feels something warm and hard against her hand. The king tells her to wrap her hand around it and feel it get harder for her. He told her that if she was a good girl then daddy was going to make her feel very good but first she had to get his cock nice and hard. When the king kisses the princess she felt her daddy’s cock throb in her hand.

“I want your magical potion, daddy…please”

Okay, princess.

He pulled his princess close and started to rub his cock against his princess’s naughty little pussy. The princess felt so tingly, it felt so good to have daddy’s cock against her wet pussy. The king pressed his cock slowly inside feeling every inch fill his naughty little princess until he was balls deep. As he starts thrusting his cock in and out of his baby girl’s pussy feeling all of her love juices slide on his cock.

The princess moaned because it just felt so wonderful and soon she was begging her daddy to fill her up with his magical love potion. She wanted her daddy to full her up with all his cum just like my daddy fills me up! He thrust his big daddy cock into her tight little pussy deep and hard until she’s filled it up with all of his cum. The princess felt all the king’s cum fill her pussy with each throb as her pussy clenched and squeezed every drop of the king’s magical love potion.

She was such a good naughty girl for her daddy which is why she became the more beautiful queen in the whole world. My daddy told me because of the magical love potion she got to be a mommy too! I know my daddy wants to make me into his naughty little princess just like in the story he told me.

Or maybe you want to be my daddy…I can promise to be a very, very good girl.

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