My older brother has two tall handsome teenage sons. Jonathan and Joshua are just a year apart. One is 16 and the other is 17. I’ve watched them grow up over the years but hadn’t seen them since my brother moved his family out of state. I haven’t visited since the boys were little and everything between us was quite innocent. But now I see that my young nephew’s body has grown into the stature of two young MEN. And they were so glad to see their Auntie Genie and I could see the lust in their eyes. I talked my brother and sister-in-law into taking off for a romantic weekend while Aunt Genie managed things at home. What they didn’t know is that Aunt Genie had some kinky ideas in mind for their tall, sexy sons.

When I and the boys had the house to ourselves I told them that this would be a vacation for them as well. I told them that there were no rules while mom and dad were away and that they could eat whatever they wanted, drink whatever they wanted, smoke weed openly, and watch porn. The only rule is “no snitching” to mom and dad. “Whatever we do this weekend boys is our little secret.” They loved it. 16-year-old Joshua went right to the frig and opened a can of his dad’s beer and started downing it while Jonathan lit a blunt right in front of me. He passed it to me and said, “Hey Auntie, do you want to hit this?” I did. I took a long drag on the blunt and blew it right in his face.

Jonathan loved it. “You’re really cool Auntie Genie. Hey is it okay to invite my girlfriend over and can she stay in my room? You said no rules.” I thought about it. “Yes I said no rules but why do you want to invite some silly teenage girl over when you’ve got a real woman right in front of you? I don’t know if I would trust some young girl with my nephew’s fat cock.” Joshua and Jonathan’s eyes got big and so did the bulges in each crotch. Joshua took another sip of beer and said, “Aunt Genie can we see your tits?” I said, “Honey, you can see my tits, my ass, and my sweet pink pussy. But I want to see what’s bulging in your pants first.”

They both dropped their pants and they both had huge hard-ons. So, I took off my blouse, then my bra and bounced my tits in their faces. Joshua rushed over and started sucking my tits as Jonathan stared at us and stroked his cock. I pulled down my skirt and my panties and Jonathan dove head first between my legs and started sucking my pussy.

I crawled and all fours and sucked their cocks and let them one by one climb on my body and ride my pussy til they each unleashed heavy loads of cum in my pussy. So I took each of them on one by one and fucked and sucked them all weekend. Jonathan even invited his girlfriend over and we all had a piece of her whorish little blonde cunt.

When my brother and his wife returned they were none the wiser. My brother and sister-in-law thanked me for taking such good care of their sons. Oh if they only knew.

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