Naughty Aunt who wants to train the young buck how to fuck

I have a good friend, Aubrey, that I’ve known for quite a while, we’re very close. She is older with a son, Kevin, who’s fifteen. We’re so close that he calls me his aunt. I love that sweet boy so much but there’s a lot that I want to teach him. I’m the naughty aunt who wants to train the young buck how to fuck.

Aubrey and I discussed a trip that she plans to take soon. She will be gone for a week and asked if I can keep Kevin for the week that she will be away. She had no idea, that was music to my ears. I told her that I will be glad to keep him and take good care of him while she was away. This was perfect for me. All of the times I had fantasized about training Kevin how to please me was about to become reality.

 When Aubrey left I told Kevin he could put his things in the guest room and make himself at home. I wanted to be as nonchalant as possible but I knew I would definitely be fucking him before the night was over.

He was just as anxious as I was, I could feel it.

Kevin was in the guest room and I heard the tv turn on. I giggled to myself because that was the first part of my plan. I had already turned the tv to the porn channel so when he turned it on he would get turned on himself. That’s when I decided to get in the shower and let him enjoy a good show while I prepared myself for him. Once I got out of the shower, dripping wet and barely covered with a tiny towel, I went to his room and knocked on the door before I opened it.

He didn’t even try to hide his huge boner. He knew his naughty aunt wanted him and was not going to resist. Of course, I wanted to enjoy the tease for a bit, so I didn’t jump right to it. With my hair dripping wet, water running down my chest, I smile at him and tell him I will make us some dinner as soon as I dress. He mumbled under his breath, I’d rather eat you more than anything else.

I didn’t let him know that I heard him, I just smiled as walked away and closed the door behind me. All I could think to myself was, this naughty aunt is going to rock your world tonight! After drying off and oiling up, I put on a short, red silk robe, loosely tied, with nothing underneath. Then I headed to the kitchen to start dinner. As I leaned over the island, I heard Kevin tip-toeing around the corner. I figured he was trying his best to keep quiet so I didn’t ruin it for him. I pretended as if I didn’t know he was coming.

Before I knew it, I felt a hot, wet tongue slide between my pussy lips from behind.

At that point, I couldn’t do anything but give in as I melted onto his face. It felt so good, his tongue sliding up and down my slit, slipping into my cunt now and then, and up to my ass. All I could do was reach back grab his head and feed him the dessert than he wanted. Kevin tongue-fucked me so well that I couldn’t take it anymore. After cumming on his face several times, while he continues devouring me. I finally pulled away and sat upon the island. He spread my legs and walked in between them, kissing me as I started unbuttoning his pants.

His cock must have been every bit of eight inches and thick like cucumber. Stroking his cock made me even wetter and craving it at this point. He laid me back on the island and began sucking and licking my nipples while he rubbed his cock up and down my slit. As he slowly slid his fat cock in my pussy, he whispered in my ear, I knew my naughty aunt wanted my dick. I gasped as I felt him sliding deeper inside me.

Pulling him closer, I whispered back to him, your naughty had plans of teaching you how to fuck, but you seem to know just what to do.

We fucked in the kitchen, in the bedroom, on the sofa, it was amazing! I couldn’t believe how good he was.

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