Anal Sex: slut loves to tell you about getting her asshole ripped open

Sex is the best thing ever. but anal sex is even better. I always thought when I was younger that I wouldn’t be into anal sex but boy I couldn’t be more wrong. It makes me so horny to think about getting plowed. I fucking love it, I remember one of my best memories that involved anal sex. I had an old fuck toy. He was actually my first BBC ever. So I knew it was going to be a lot of fun. we had sexted many times before, so I knew his cock was huge. Which made me want him even more. Loving a good challenge and a good fuck.

We decided to hang out at his place. He was so fucking sexy. 6’4, athletic body, beautiful smile, and hung like a horse. Licking my lips just looking at him. I was already in attack mode. Wanting to jump his bones so bad. We talked for a little but I couldn’t keep my mind off sucking his cock. My pussy was already soaking wet through my panties. Shortly after I couldn’t take it anymore. So I just kissed him. He kissed so passionately but always with force. Wow, I needed to fuck him. My body was craving his big fat cock.  Whispering in his ear.

How I wanted to slurp his cock like a slushie.

He smiled a little. and took his cock out as I slid down my panties. Sitting on his face I reached over to suck his cock. It was the best 69 I had ever had. His tongue was so powerful. It was so hard to focus on sucking his cock. But I did, slurped it really good. Got as deep as I could on it. Playing with his balls with my hand. I was cumming all over his face. Pushing me off. He bent me over.

I didn’t know what was gonna happen next. Pushing his cock against my asshole. Being a little scared, but I was so ready.  Pushing his big dick inside my asshole I screamed from pain and from pleasure. It felt so good him fucking my tight little hole. OMG, why hadn’t I tried anal sex before? In and out I could feel my asshole being torn apart. Which made me even crazier. He was pumping me really good. One last huge pump then I felt cum rush all down my asshole. I am obsessed with anal sex.

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