Naughty Accomplice Assists Deviant Neighbor By Bringing Home Someone Very Special!

I’m that perfect Naughty Accomplice that guys dream about.  Not only sexy but also intelligent and fast on my feet.  On this sunny day, I visited my naughty neighbor.  Everything about his house looked normal from the outside.  Only a few including myself knew he had a dark secret.

Let’s for the sake of this story call him David.  David told me he was feeling hungry.  When he said hungry I knew what that meant.  It was time to go hunting for some fresh meat to play with.  Someone young and vibrant, yet innocent.  You see, I was one step ahead of him.  I’ve had my eye on the perfect girl.  I know the routine the way she walks home.  She is so perfect.  I love watching her legs walk one step in front of the other.  Her pigtails drive me crazy.  Her blue innocent eyes are so sweet and that nice tight butt makes you just want to reach out and touch it.

We got into his van and went for a drive.

I pointed her out and I was right on the money.  She was alone.  She was still a ways off from home.  We pulled the van over and offered her a ride.  We told her we were her neighbors down the street.  The minute she got into the van she took off her shoes and started rubbing her sore feet.  Even her toes looked so delicious.  I had David pull the van into his garage.  The excuse was made that we had to do a quick task inside then we’d take her right home.

She came inside with us and sat on the couch to wait.  I sat down next to her and David sat across from us.  I asked her about her day, her friends, and her current crush.  As we talked my hands brushed her legs.  Her skin was so smooth.  I beckoned David to touch her legs.  The feel of her legs sent a wave of pleasure through him.  Her eyes grew big as saucers and she tried to get up to leave.  I pushed her down on the couch with my hands and told her we just wanted to talk for a while.

You see, we explained to her that good girls do as they are told.

Pulling down her shorts I could see the nice bald pussy.  My tongue buried itself inside of her probing and exploring.  He ripped her top off to expose her puffy nipples which he took into his mouth.  She struggled against us.  We firmly told her she was not going anywhere….ever again.  The rest of that afternoon was spent doing the most deviant fun twisted games imaginable.

Would you like to hear about what David and his Naughty Accomplice did?  Call me and I just may spill the beans on our deviant secret. Phone Sex

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