Naughty Accomplice Role play With Kelsey

Whores need to be taught a lesson and who better to teach than naughty accomplice Kelsey. The moment Robert told me she was a lazy whore I couldn’t wait to join. As I walked in the guest bedroom she was on the bed in nothing but one of Robert’s t-shirts drinking up all his booze. Robert even told me she wears seductive clothes around the to tease him but won’t give up the goods. The poor pathetic whore thought she could scare me out of the room but when I grabbed her by hair and flung her onto the bed she knew she was no match for me. Robert handed me his tie to tie her to the bed. She put up a good fight but I promised Robert I’d make her pay and pay she will.

Robert Ripped off and panties and then I shoved them in her mouth. Her bare pussy exposed made me want to have some fun of my own. Using my fingers, I touched her pussy lips gently which only turned Robert on more. I didn’t stay gentle for long. When I saw the booze on the table I may have performed a little forced intox practically drowning her in liquor. Robert got so hard watching and finally I convinced him to shove his dick inside her pussy while I sat on her face. It was hot feeling her squirm as Robert slammed his dick inside her hard. He didn’t go easy on her but she couldn’t yell for help because she was smothered by my ass.

Robert told her if she performed a little ass worship on his naughty accomplice he’d let her go but she failed. After failing to worship my ass Robert had a punishment for her. He started pumping inside her faster and harder like something out of a rape porn but much hotter. I practically got off on him degrading and humiliating her. Robert finally came inside this empty cup she had next to the bed. As I forced her mouth open Robert forced her drink the entire cup of cum. It’s always hot when a man takes charge and gets forceful. I really can’t say all the things we did to our little whore here in this blog but If you call me sometime I’ll confess everything. Ask what you want to know and get all the kinky details over some hot adult phone chat.

Naughty Accomplice