Your Naughty Accomplice, Mistress Love

It’s 4:55 on Monday evening, and your office phone begins to ring.  Your sexy, slutty wife is on the phone for you. (That’s me!) I tell you not to stop off anywhere on the way home. I have a BIG surprise for you, and it will ruin if you don’t get home right away! You agree and hang up, wondering what in the world I could have in store for you. Knowing me, it could be anything! Unbeknownst to you, I’ve decided that I’m going to be your naughty accomplice and help fulfill one of your biggest fantasies since we’ve been married!

It suddenly seems to take forever; the business of wrapping up your work day, making the long journey through the parking building, locating your car, and starting on your way home. You become more and more curious, pondering as you drive. What could that little minx be up to? Why did she sound so excited? What am I walking into when I step through our front door?

You finally make it home, and when you walk into our living room, you find your surprise! I’m sitting on our couch in sexy black lingerie and black high heels; but that’s not it! It’s on the floor in front of me. I wickedly lift my foot and place one stiletto heel on your “surprise”, asserting my dominance. Your eyes move from me to take in every detail of what your naughty accomplice has brought home for you!

It’s our super hot neighbor from next door!

We talk about your obsession with her constantly; making up naughty little fantasy scenarios about drugging her, tying her up, and then you having your way with her while I help! Now here she is, bound and gagged in the middle of our living room floor! I look up at you and smile, explaining that I went to their house this morning to borrow some sugar, knowing that she would be home alone. While I was there, good neighbor that she is, she invited me to stay for coffee. She poured 2 cups and then the phone began to ring. She stepped out of the room for privacy, and I saw my opportunity and acted quickly!

Having been thinking on executing this plan for some time now, I came prepared! I slipped out a little baggie holding several Rohypnol tablets. Quickly threw 2 underneath my coffee cup for good measure, and ground them to powder. I could hear her voice getting closer as I scooped up the powder and tossed it into her coffee – stirring a little so it would dissolve. She came back in, said she had to leave in a few minutes to pick up her husband, and downed that cup of coffee – all in one gulp! 

I smiled and excused myself, saying I needed the bathroom before she left. I waited in there for a good 5 or 6 minutes before I suddenly heard a distinct thud from the vicinity of the living room. Hurried back in and sure enough, there she was! Slumped in the floor, passed out cold! I dragged her right out the back door and through the back yard. Good things our yards are connected!

I pulled her right into our house through the patio door, in broad daylight – and not one person was the wiser.

So now, here she is. Bound with duct tape, mouth taped shut with a wide strip so no one can hear her screams if she should happen to wake up. Just waiting for you to get home and play with her! Even if she does wake up? The Rohypnol is an amnesiac. She will never remember being in our house. I get down on the floor next to her and unbutton her blouse. I pull it open and slowly lift her bra up and off of her breasts;  running my hands all over her succulent tits as you watch, breathless; raging hard on making a HUGE bulge in your pants!

What are you waiting for honey? Get down here and help your naughty accomplice!

The Best Phone Sex!