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Whenever my Uncle John comes into town, we love getting nasty together. At first, I would just playfully tease him with my little outfits and tight teen body. Then, I started rubbing his crotch with my barefoot whenever we would have family dinners. Eventually, Uncle John couldn’t take it anymore and I would sneak into his room after everyone else had gone to bed for some naughty playtime. Every single night, I would climb into bed with him and suck his rock hard cock and lick his balls while everyone was fast asleep. He loves that I am his nasty little niece. While I suck him off, he shoves his thick fingers inside of my tender holes.

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Uncle John was definitely surprised, and so was his cock as it stood at attention.

Before he could even utter a word, I swiftly tiptoed towards him and began rubbing his bulge with my left hand. I could feel his cock start to swell under my palm. And with my right hand, I grabbed his hand and guided it down to my creamy pink cunnie. His breath quickened as his fingers slid around my juicy pink clit and into my tight little hole. Like the nasty little niece I am, I slowly knelt down and pulled down his boxers, exposing his rock-hard cock. My tongue lapped up the hot precum on the tip of his dick and then I hungrily gagged on his cock and swallowed his juicy precum. “Please fuck me, Uncle John!” I whispered over and over again.

His cock stiffened even more when he heard me say that.

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