High school sex stories are my favorite to tell.

I was the queen bee in high school. Head cheerleader and very popular. Because I was so popular I had guys drooling over me and not only students. Tons of teachers and coaches wanted a piece of my ass, too. Though I was never really interested until we got a new math teacher. He was tall, handsome and the fantasy of all my high school sex stories. I often found myself pretending to not understand something just so he could explain it to me. The way he smelled and spoke just drove me insane.

One Friday I asked if he could stay a little longer because I needed help with some equations. To be completely honest I understood everything, I just wanted some alone time. When I showed up in his classroom I came with some ammunition. I was wearing a little skirt and a white see-through top. That’s when the fun really began. Everyone loves teen sex and he couldn’t be the exception. As soon as he knew we were alone and I lean in a little bit he melted.

He started telling me that a pretty girl like me shouldn’t be worried about math equations.

I asked why and I slipped my hands in between his legs. His cock was halfway hard and after that, I didn’t say a thing. What did I do next? I took him over by his desk where he sat down and I went under his desk. I started by sucking and licking his big balls. He tried to concentrate as his door was slightly open. His cock was so yummy too. I loved feeling it deep down my throat. While he was balls deep in my mouth, I started playing with my pussy. I was so wet, I needed him inside me.

He closed the door before he bent me over the desk and fucked me. I came three times on his cock before he came all over my face. That next Monday I aced the quiz and at the end of the sheet, I left him my phone number. And guess who texted me as soon as school ended that day.

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