Party High School Sex Stories

It was our senior year and in just a few months my friends and I would be going our separate ways! Like most typical teens we had all dated one another and that makes for some fun high school sex stories. A lot of us had fucked one another. It was a small town free for all you might say! Mom and Dad knew I was always the responsible daughter they had raised me to be, so they gave it no thought to leave town for a week. The school was a joke we were all finished and just going through the motions waiting for graduation. So, I planned a party!

I invited about 20 of my class. The invitation sent to each one read to bring a red solo cup and condoms and you’re invited to our senior blow out sex party! The girls and I got the house ready setting out bowls of condoms along with snacks and drinks. We brought out lots of sex games and raided my moms stash of sex toys! I was not leaving anything to chance I even splurged and bought sexy new lingerie! I did not intend to wear anything but lingerie all weekend!

The first of the party goers arrived it was a couple who had been dating for the last 3 years. They were notoriously monogamous! They held out their solo cups and smiled to let me see they were full of condoms! I laughed and invited them in noticing his eyes strayed a little too long on my breasts! One after another they all arrived. Before long the music was bumping throughout the house and fortunately for us, my family lived away from other houses.

Girls were all stripped down to lingerie and guys were in various states of dress.

We were having so much fun and the alcohol was loosening everyone up. I can’t even remember when we started just fucking openly. But I do remember when I first went down on a girl’s pussy! It was part of a sex game. I did not think I would like it, but she tasted so sweet and I loved how she grinds her pussy against my face! We were all playing with ourselves and each other and taking nasty pictures that will be used for blackmail later I am very sure! Especially the one where I am taking a cock in both my holes while eating Olivia’s ass!

It was a weekend of debauchery and the kind of weekend that would have cost me dearly had anyone ever found out about it!

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