Dirty Sex Stories: Just one cock won’t do, how about Four?

I live for dirty sex stories. I am horny 24/7. having sex makes me the happiest person ever. Me being very experienced. has led me to have plenty of dirty sex stories. One of the kinkiest I can recall. Involved me, rum, and some basketball players. I loved watching sports. but I loved the players even more. supporting the team meant many eyes on me. going to after-parties were always so fun. One night after a big game. A couple guys invited me over to hang out. I said yes cause I knew what was going to happen. We started drinking rum. As everyone knows rum makes me cum.

After a couple of shots I was getting naked. I love being naked and I had a great body. Exposing my 36C breast and my waxed pussy. Instantly making all their dicks rise. It was playtime. Me being the slut I am. Getting on my knees I started sucking and swallowing everyone’s dick. Never letting my mouth get dry. I swallowed so much pre-cum. Huge dick and big balls surrounded my face. before we started fucking. I took some more shots. needing more liquor courage.

To tackle the huge cocks that awaited me.

They wanted to take turns. So I laid down and let each one. get a turn on top of me sliding in and out while the others sat in a chair and jacked off while they waited. It was so fucking hot. I love feeling all the different types of dicks in me getting pumped without a break. Felt so amazing that I came so much. Until they were ready to bust. Getting back on the floor. Closing my eyes and opening my mouth. I felt several sprays of cum all over me. this dirty sex stories left me sore for 2 weeks.

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