You have some very dark and dirty secrets, don’t you? I can hear it in your voice, baby. Furthermore, I know you need to unload them. Share them and let me use them for some nasty and erotic humiliation.

Sure, it can be scary telling someone else for the first time. However, doing this is going to lift all that weight off your shoulders. And, I have all that naughty ammunition to use.

We both know you are craving a sexy woman that is willing to shame you with those details. Of course, it has to be done properly. Therefore, coming to me is in your best interest.

Turns out, I am an expert at nasty and erotic humiliation.

Yep, that’s right. This is right up my alley. And, I fucking love it! You see helping men like you is what gets this tight Latina pussy nice and wet. Hearing all those raunchy secrets starts it.

Then, as I turn the tables and begin embarrassing you with your confessions, my pretty kitty is dripping wet. Getting inside your head to pull out all your perverted fantasies is such a thrill!

I love using my amazing skills to dig deep into that psyche of yours during the nasty and erotic humiliation. Sometimes, even I am freaking out at what I am hearing from my guys. It is just so bad and hot.

Perhaps it brings out the pervert in me too.

Do you think that is it? Or, maybe I just love hearing that others are fucked up too. More so than me. Hahaha. I know I am a kinky bad girl that loves a good fucking and more.

There is something so sexy about a hot cheating blowjob! How sloppy and messy it is. The saliva is running down my chin as I look up into the guy’s eyes. See, I am a dirty girl too. That is why I love the nasty and erotic humiliation.

Of course, I love knowing I am cheating on my guy. Then, there is the fun of going deep into your mind to learn all your secrets.  Oh, and then, twisting them into a tool to fuck with you.

Seriously, nasty and erotic humiliation is a true pussy rush for me!

Watching you squirming around. Additionally, I have you sitting with no clothes on to add to our fun. This way I can watch how our game is affecting your cock.

Is this humiliation getting you excited and turning you on? I see that dick getting hard, sweetie. You like me embarrassing you with your dark secrets, don’t you?!

What a naughty boy you are. Sick fucking pervert. I knew you were craving my nasty and erotic humiliation. It is why you came to me. And, why you opened up to me.

I love how you finally let someone in and it is me.

Moreover, I love getting to use the details to tease and mess with you. You are so fucking disturbed. How do you live with those thoughts and fantasies? Fuck, that is some scary shit!

And, I fucking love it! I bet you would like to fuck me now. Perhaps as I call you names, you can slide that hard rod into my fine tight pussy.

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Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke