Dear Perverts, this seems to be something very few people talk about – whether they like naked sex or clothed sex.

I decided that this is the perfect reason we should talk about it today…because personally, I still like naked sex of course. But sex with clothes on gets me so incredibly wet! At least one of you has to feel the same way that I do.


Tell me I’m not the only one!


Something about fucking with clothes on…I think it’s because I love public sex so much. When I was a teenage slut I was always sneaking around trying to stuff a cock under my skirt. I love the way a pair of hands feels on my body through my clothes. Maybe it’s because the sensual barrier of fabric sensitizes the skin in a way that doesn’t happen with naked sex. But maybe I like clothed sex for the same reason I like phone sex – because it encourages me to be creative and use my imagination.


If you’re a “leave the heels on” kind of guy, I’m a “leave everything on” kind of girl.


Just focusing on the feeling and the look of clothing during hot sex adds a just the right touch of surreality to it for me. Naked sex is natural, but you have to admit that when you add the element of the artificial or unnatural – the kink – that’s when it starts to get interesting. Clothes add that strange, unnatural element to fucking that I love. It’s simple, yet so kinky. My mind goes wild when I see a gorgeous cock spring out from the fly of a pair of pants, or a woman getting fucked with just her tits out and her panties rolled down under her dress.

The immediacy, the animal passion of it…something about it turns me on so much that I’m willing to get very nasty. I mean, I’m always willing to get nasty, but when the clothes stay on, I’m more willing to get nastier in more taboo places. You could call it my subspace; I submit my will to the moment.


Want me to put on something specific for you to fuck me in? I would love to! Let’s make sparks fly when we abandon naked sex and have some hot, kinky, clothed sex! Want to play? Call me up for some hot, juicy phone sex!

Phone Sex Kingdom