I am like no other woman alive and proud of it. When I was born, my parents knew I was something amazing and special. Of course, with every year, they continue being surprised at how true that is. I have so many people that are underestimating me and my determination. Now, I am also someone who loves all things simple and being the Naked Girl Next Door is freeing.

I have a bohemian spirit that is enjoying life as it happens. Taking every naughty moment I come into and turning it into an outstanding moment of playing. I am living an unconventional life, allowing new and wonderful things to improve me and those around me. For instance, I love all things sexual and learning about new fetishes.

I love the feeling of fresh air gliding across my body when I am a naked girl next door.

My house has tons of windows and I prefer them open. When the breeze is blowing through my house, the hairs on my skin stand up as my pussy is tingling. The smell of nature as it is making a trip through the house and out again is so wonderful. Of course, as a Cheating GFE Phone Sex Operator, being on the phone with the windows open is fun and risky.

All the neighbors know what I do for a living and many are listening for their own pleasure, my moaning, and excitement getting them off. There is a variety of people as my neighbors. A few families, two houses are older couples and then one is a young couple. The families have kids ranging from very young to teenagers. Those boys are some of my peeping toms.

If I haven’t said it before, let me say it now, I love my peeping toms!

One of my favorite things I am doing when I know they are watching is my Big Tits Tease Edging. These breasts are a powerful tool in my sex game. I love using them to torture men and make the rock hard and ready to cum. Of course, the boys in the neighborhood, don’t last long. I am pretty sure their cum is covering the bushes outside my windows. Those little pervs are wishing it was on my sexy little bush.

Maybe one day boys, but right now, I am enjoying showing off and being the naked girl next door. Using my fine body and naughty skills, teasing them day and night, it is too much fun. Sometimes I think I see women peeping in on me and wonder, are they getting turned on by me or trying to learn from me. Either way, they should knock on my door so we can play together.

I love all, men, women, they are all fun for me.

I have even come up with a playlist for my peeping toms. The music is sensual and erotic, I love dancing around my house for them. Swiveling my sexy hips and body, getting them hot and bothered as they are masturbating outside the windows. I love my perverted neighbors and the fun we are all having together. Well, sort of together.

Of course, the naked girl next door has been fucking plenty of the neighbors over the years. I have some very sexy neighbors. Why not make the most of our closeness and have fun doing dirty things together. I have been thinking of reaching out to the young peeping toms and offering to show them some tricks. Some sex education with actual activity involved.

Although, I am pretty sure the mama bears would be kicking me out of the neighborhood if they find out I do something like that.

Women are very protective of their boys. Some even more protective of their sons than their husbands. Fine by me, I will happily play with the big boys with big cocks instead of the sons. At the neighborhood events, the mothers circle around the teenage boys to make sure they aren’t talking to me. Little do they know those same boys are sitting outside my windows jerking off to me.

Oh, the things I do while I am showing off for them. I bet you would love to hear all about those things and how I can hear the boys moaning with the breeze blowing through. It is so hot! Call me and let’s discuss all the naughty fun.