Out of all the wild things I do one of my recent favorites is getting to ride a horse completely naked! You know i’ve never been shy about being naked, I love my body and I wouldn’t change a thing! Even though I don’t have the biggest tits in the world they are absolutely perfect since I don’t always like being a big girl it makes it easier to dress up and look younger than what I really am. Before the weather got cold I was able to slide right out of my pretty clothes and get onto a nice big black horse!

You see when I was little I used to take my teddy bear and rub him against my little pussy and being naked on the horses back left me with the same feel good sensations as when i’d rub my teddy over my pretty pussy. It wasn’t long till I just couldn’t stand the rubbing and build up any longer i’d ridden the horse for a good 20 minutes, far away from any prying eyes. Sliding off I allowed myself to bring a hand up to my tits while the other played with my soaked cunt. It felt so taboo….so naughty to be out in the middle of no where in the middle of the day masturbating next to a horse because i’d gotten so hot and bothered riding it.

You know something crazy happened next….

But you’ll have to call and find out.


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