Nail Fetish Play Gets Me Off.

Dear Perverts! I’m very excited to have discovered a new nail fetish that I think is very sexy.

Many of you know that I love getting mani/pedis and I love having gorgeous, painted fingernails. I’ve always loved to use my nails to create many different sensations on the body. It seemed like common sense to me that men love to have my nails dragged lightly across their skin. Some men love it when I dig my nails into their skin, some just love the look of my sexy fingers wrapped around their cock (or mine). Manicured fingers are very sexy, but I just thought everyone kind of knew that. I didn’t know there was a nail fetish!


Women with sexy hands have a certain control over men.


A woman who takes the time to maintain a very sexy manicure stands out – she’s in control, knows what she wants and rarely settles for less. That, I think, is why the right manicure makes men weak. Even more so men who have a nail fetish! Pick your poison – classic, glossy red, sweet but nasty pink, seductive black. Every man has his weakness…what’s yours?


If you have a nail fetish, a long-nailed handjob might be just what you’re looking for.


Or maybe you want me to scratch you until your skin turns red. Does it turn you on to think of me rubbing my pretty pussy with my perfect fingers? I can think of so many ways that I can turn you on just with my hands. You know I love fingering my pretty pussy with my shiny manicure. What’s your favorite color? I bet I have it.


Nail fetish enthusiasts! Come play with me. I think I might also have a nail fetish. Fetish Phone Sex is one of my favorites, as I love playing with and describing the things that REALLY turn you on. But heads up, pervs. I’m good at it. You might get hooked. Or nailed. Whatever. The best phone sex is waiting for you!