Heading down for our Myrtle Beach vacation with my bestie. And, we are ready to have an amazing time. Of course, the ocean is calling my name for some sun on this sexy body.

Along with that, she and I will be enjoying the local fare. No matter where we go, we always have to have a taste of the local food and the local people. Furthermore, we are picky.

It can be women or men locals. We just love connecting and fucking them while we are vacationing in their area. Additionally, they seem to enjoy us as well.

A Myrtle Beach vacation can come with lots of perks!

The community is full of good ole boys that want to help two sexy ladies on their vacation. And, we love rewarding them with much more than a simple thank you.

Oddly, on our last vacation, the tables were turned we were in Vegas. When a wealthy man chose to splurge on us. Talk about kinky and spoiled rotten. Paying Vegas-style was our most insane vaca ever!

Although, my bestie and are I hoping we can top it on this trip. Of course, there won’t be some wealthy dude on this Myrtle Beach vacation! However, there will be lots of sexy locals that will love two big tittied cum sluts!

This Myrtle Beach vacation is going to be epic!

Once we arrive at our hotel, we immediately start meeting locals that are flirting with us. Not only men but smoking hot women that are loving these barely legal bodies of ours!

Unpacking is our first goal. Then, we are going down to the beach. Of course, the hotel has a nice pool and as we are walking past, we see tons of sexy hotel guests.

Well, well, our Myrtle Beach vacation is going to have so many options for fucking partners! Wow, there are so many beautiful people all around us.

After sunning these sexy bodies, we want to eat and see some locals.

We find a place that is a bar and restaurant. And, we are not disappointed. It is full of local people. In fact, more locals than tourists. Once we are seated, a few start flirting with us.

Of course, Jemma and I are all in with the flirting games. The guys are smiling, winking, sending drinks, and finally, inviting us to play pool. We may look sweet and sexy but we kick ass at playing pool.

I suggest we bet on the game as our Myrtle Beach vacation starts getting exciting. The guys are kind of chuckling at these sexy ladies. They ask if we like losing money.

Jemma and I explain we don’t want to bet with money.

If we win, they have to take off their pants and underwear. Now, they don’t have to do it here. And, if we win, we will slide our panties off of our skirts and we will do it right here in the bar.

Now, Jemma and I are five-time champs are our local bar but these boys don’t need to know that. They accept and the game begins. At first, we are doing extremely well and so are the guys.

This Myrtle Beach vacation is going to be amazing. Then, their game is off. It isn’t helping Jemma and I pull our skirts up to shoot. As we are down to the final shot, it is my turn and I purposely mess it up.

The guys know I did that and look at me.

Jemma and I lean into the pool table, pull our skirts up to our waists, and tell the boys they get to pull off our panties. As we look back at them, both of them start getting boners immediately.

My guy comes up behind me and starts rubbing his crotch against my ass. Then, he slides the panties down. While he is down there, he rubs his face on my ass.

What a perfect start to this Myrtle Beach vacation! As he stands back up and leans into me, I feel his cock slipping inside me. Oh, my, gosh!

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