I Hired a Slutty Teen Babysitter 

Well, I had no idea she was a slutty teen babysitter when I hired her. When my kids were young, my husband and I hired a sitter so we could still go out on the weekends and get wild. So, when I interviewed Veronica she seemed like the perfect fit. She was a very innocent-looking petite blonde but also very mature. I trusted her to take care of my kids. What I didn’t anticipate was that she would also be taking care of my husband! 

We came home pretty drunk one Friday night from the strip club. Veronica asked my husband for a ride home and I went straight to bed. I should’ve known. Almost an hour had passed by the time he got home. He made up some bullshit lie about going to the store on the way home. But, he reeked of wild car sex and his breath smelled of young pussy. I knew right then she was a slutty teen babysitter. 

Naughty Schoolgirl 

The next time Veronica sat for us she dressed in a typical schoolgirl outfit complete with pigtails, a short plaid skirt, and a white halter top. Maybe my husband told her that was his favorite kinky fetish when they were banging in his car. I couldn’t believe she had the guts to prance around in front of me in her sexy little ‘fuck me’ outfit. My husband tried his best to keep his cock in his pants as she openly flirted with him. That’s when I realized how sexy she was. I didn’t notice her pouty mouth and her perfect bubble butt before when she dressed like a church girl. This new slutty teen babysitter look was really working for me. I didn’t want my husband to be the only one to have a taste of her!

All To Myself

That night, I kept giving my husband shots. By the time we got home, I had to help him to bed. I would have the slutty teen babysitter all to myself…

When I got back downstairs, Veronica was waiting at the bottom of the stairs. Before she could say anything, I pushed her against the wall and kissed her deeply. She hesitated for a moment before she returned my kiss with the same passion. I reached my hands underneath her tiny skirt and gripped both plump ass cheeks. I found the thin string of her thong, pulled it down, and let it drop to the floor. Then my fingers found the soft hair of her little pussy. I massaged her clit and she moaned while my tongue was still in her mouth. Then I pushed my fingers inside her slick tight pussy. She gasped and I told her I can eat her better than my husband can. 

She looked shocked and a little scared. My slutty teen babysitter had no idea I knew what kind of person she was. When I dropped to my knees she realized that I didn’t care. “Yeah, eat my pussy,” she whispered and lifted her skirt for me. I licked, sucked, tongue fucked and finger banged her until her pussy juice dripped down her thighs. She tried her best to keep quiet, but in the end, she convulsed and screamed her way to an intense orgasm. She said I was much better than my husband. Of course I was!


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