My teacher gives a lesson in deep dicking

My teacher is so sexy and knows to how really deliver during his private lessons. He invited me into his office and I was told that we needed to talk about my uniform… I guess it was too short for regulation and he wanted to show what happens when you wear a skirt that short!

He asked me to stand up and I did as I was told. He circled me, eyeing my plaid skirt and slightly unbuttoned white shirt. So he told me to bend over and touch my toes. I bent over and I could hear him whistle as he looked at my nice little ass in my silk white panties. He could probably also see how damp they were from being turned on at the idea of his cock growing in his trousers.

He told me to stay bent over. I looked back to see him stroking his hard on through his pants. My teacher was so horny! He told me that when little ladies wear short skirts and men can see their asshole and pussy it makes them do horrible things. I wondered what kinds of things he was referring to and quickly received my answer.

I took out his ruler and started tapping my ass with it. He used it to move my panties to the side, exposing my little pink spot.

“How delicious is that?”

I then felt a hot tongue plunge into my pussy. He tongued ferociously as he spread my ass apart and started fingering my asshole. I yelled out in pleasure, I had never had someone do that to me before! My pussy juices flooded my panties and I climaxed all over his face.

He immediately ordered me to remove my panties and stuffed them in my mouth. He bent me over his desk and started spanking me hard with the ruler. Then he told me that little sluts wear clothes like this to provoke the dark urges a man has.

“You want to get fucked don’t you Blake? That’s why you’re dressed like this, walking around school, flashing your cunt!”

Before I knew it, I had his 9inch rod deep in my little young pussy. Oh, teacher! He really knew what he was doing! I would need to remember this lesson, especially the big finish all down my face and dirty little uniform. This is what happens when you are bad…

To this day I dress like a little slut in hopes to get called back into his office or for some Teen Phone Sex!


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