My Tasty Asshole

The curve of my spine at the small of my back.
It is perfection and temptation to what is just below.
At the beginning of the top of my long crack.
Within that long fold is my tasty asshole.
You want this curvy ass for your snack don’t you.
This lovely and best sweet tasting asshole in the world.
This asshole has your mind with pure and wildest desire.
I know you have a lasting need to spread my cheeks and explore.
My puckered hole with your tongue and more.
I can feel you clamp your wet lips on my brown hole.
Setting both of us on fire.
Thrusting your tongue in deep exploring the taste.
Your hot tongue goes as deep as possible inflaming your desire.
As you push it in and out and moved your fingers to my pussy.
You hear me moan.
“”Oh fuck, your tongue is setting my ass on fire!””
Swirling your warm tongue inside my sweet asshole fast and slow.
Making me scream for more of your tongue.
More of your pleasure.
You know I have the best and tastiest asshole in the world.
So fine and so tasty.
My perfectly round cheeks.
So jiggly and delightfully soft.
This perfect ass and perfect body that was made just for you.
You longed to eat and tongue fuck my tasty asshole all night long.
My succulent and edible woman is all yours.
When I climax ended you watch me as I lay still.
You can’t help yourself.
You need and want more of my juicy ass.
When you say to me.
Ashley, you know I need to fuck your asshole.
Not waiting for my permission.
Thrusting your cock deep inside my tight asshole.
Dying to spill your load deep inside it.
Shoot all your creamy cum filling my asshole is your goal.
When you finally fill my tasty asshole with every drop.
Giving you a thrill.
Moaning the words.
Oh Ashley, I love your ass its so tight I’m cumming filling you up.
My cock’s squirting, it feels so good.
Pulling my ass cheeks open wider for to get deeper.
This voluptuous lady loves feeling my ass spread wide.
My wet pussy, and tight asshole are so delicious filling you with lust.
Feast on all my holes and clean me while you are at it.

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