So when we were done I just laid there in amazement, my step-daddy had given me what no one else could, multiple orgasms. It felt so amazing laying there having him gently push his cock into my cum filled pussy there was so much cum I could feel it dripping into my asshole I love the feeling of a warm load. I then asked him if this was a one time thing or if we could do this again. My stepdad then told me anytime , what your mom doesn’t know won’t hurt her. I couldn’t help but smile. I told him the next time I’ll have a surprise for you. He just smiled left and walked away  to go shower.

So a few days went by and I met up with my good friend Allison for lunch well after some girly chitchat I couldn’t hold back so I told her about me and my stepdad at first she had a puzzled look on her face but once I told her how good it was she was kind of interested.So after lunch we went back to my place and of course my stepdad was sitting there on the couch so when we walked by I looked back winked at him and gave him a head nod for him to follow us to my room. When Allison and I were in the room we decided we would change into our bikinis and go lay out by the pool but as we went to exit my room my stepdad was standing there with his massive hard cock. OMG, Allison screamed with excitement that is one massive cock please give it to me I already know how good it is. Allison then ripped off her little bikini she then laid on my bed letting me and and my stepdad take turns eating her freshly shaved pussy she tasted really good. After eating her out she then got on all fours and started giving my stepdad the dick sucking of his life while she was doing that I spread her nice little cheeks apart and buried my face into her tight little ass. Cum was dripping everywhere.

When my stepdad was ready to fuck the hell out of Allison he laid her on her back spread her legs and gently started fucking her but not giving her the pounding like he gave me Allison started yelling fuck me like the whore I am so he proceeded to start pounding her. Allison was moaning with excitement. Allison started saying that she wanted to eat pussy so I obliged by sitting on her face while my stepdad was filling her up. It was kind of fun to sit back and watch my step dad go to work. As he started pounding her little fuck hole with his gigantic cock  before I knew it Allison was screaming with joy and my stepdad was filling her full of cum. I couldn’t help myself but while my stepdad was filling her full of cum I decided to eat her out a little more. When I had some of my stepdads cum in my mouth I couldn’t help but to kiss Allison and share some of my stepdads cum with her. We then took turns passing it back and fourth. My stepdad really knows how to please his little whores.

Now when Allison comes over we cant help but tease him a little. The most fun is when mom is at home and he can’t do anything about it but hopefully the next time we are alone he remembers all the times he wanted this tight ass and all he could do was stare. My stepdad and Allison meet up still to this day. Needless to say I have a best friend for life.


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