Have you ever fantasized about killing someone? I have. The look in their eye when they know it’s the end, being the last person they lay eyes on before they take their last breath, hearing the whisper as it leaves their body, do you think you can catch someones soul if you inhale their last? Maybe I’m crazy but there’s definitely something very intense and erotic about snuff…How would you do it? Do you think about stabbing or chopping someone up, beating or bludgeoning them, really messy with blood everywhere, or would you rather do it cleanly, using strangulation or asphyxiation? I think there’s something so intimate about choking someone to death, your hands clasped around their throat, looking into their eyes as you squeeze the life out. I fantasize about making a contraption that ties around the neck and slowly gets tighter, so I can watch while the life force leaves gradually, and watch the fear and desperation that slowly turns to fear and blind panic as the realization that there really is no hope sets in.

Do you ever have dark thoughts like that? I do, quite frequently actually. Not that I would ever act on them but it’s always fun to fantasize right?!

I have an escort friend who (against her better judgement) let a client she didn’t know too well tie her up. She’d been drinking and was feeling kind of kinky so she let bind her hands and feet so she was hogtied with her tits bound. She was enjoying the role-reversal until he produced a plastic bag and put it over her head…

He suffocated her in the plastic until she passed out, then took it off and let her regain consciousness, then when she was fully aware he would put the bag back over her face and head and hold it tight, with his face really close to hers, looking into her eyes. She was convinced she was going to die and he repeated the process three times while jerking off. The final time he put the bag on her head she had resolved herself for death and she gasped for what she thought was the last time before blacking out completely.

She came to with a slice of lemon in her mouth and a huge wad of cash by the bed with a note that read “Watching you ‘die’ made me have the best orgasm I’ve ever had. Thank you.”

She was really shaken, and understandably so. Now it might sound nuts but I can almost empathize with him, in my thoughts I wonder, how does it feel to be like God and have the power to take a life? To snuff someone might gve me the best orgasm I’ve ever had. What do you think?


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