My snuff fantasy roleplays can get very wild and dark.

If you’re looking for no taboo fun, seek no further. My snuff fantasy phone sex calls make even the hardest perverts squirm. Keeping callers on the edge of their seat AND orgasm is my kink. I decided for my fun blog this week, it would be a good idea to share a few of my snuff fantasy ideas with you. 😉

Daddy’s perverted baby snatcher knows just where to find the best little brats.

Any age, any color, any gender- I know how hard Daddy’s cock gets for fresh tiny pussy and asshole. I’ll sneak into the playground to get my Papi exactly what he craves. I’ll pull them right into our creeper van to play. I told the little sweetheart we had a lollipop for her.

Unzip your pants, Daddy. Let’s let her taste that cock-lolli. Faster! Harder! Slam it into her and make that itty bitty throat gag. A little baby throw up only makes you more hungry, doesn’t it? Pull that tiny bitch off of your dick now and let’s give her the first & last fuck of her short little life. She’s screaming loud but it feels so good to have that pussy all to yourself, right? I reach over as you’re about to cum and snap her little neck.

I told you my snuff fantasy stories were intense.

The problem with being a pain junkie is that you might take it too far.

Slicing up my pussy while I fuck myself isn’t anything new. Constantly chasing the next extreme orgasm has me playing with dangerous new ideas. I’ll do anything for that climax though. More than once my erotic pain fetish has landed me in the emergency room. Having to explain to the doctors why I decided to embed dildos with razor blades was a challenge. The scent of my own blood coupled with the rush of pain and pleasure completely sends me over the edge.

This time is different. I have designed a suspension contraption for myself. After weighing the dangers obviously and came to the conclusion that to die while orgasming would be the ultimate high. I will be lowering myself on to a large sword with the help of a pulley system..and you.

Are you game to help my snuff fantasy come true?

Or maybe let’s switch the roles around this time- it’s you who is craving to be snuffed out.

You’re my step-brother and I have known for a while that you liked to get pretty kinky. My panties seem to always grow legs and walk away- ultimately to be found in your bedroom. Today I wandered into your room after calling your name over and over again. You aren’t replying. I walk up to your door and see it’s cracked open slightly. I walk inside and you’re dead on the bed, still sitting straight up. The porn you were watching is still on and a belt around your throat. Were you playing around with asphyxia but got carried out of hand. At first, I am shocked but then I notice how huge your cock is from the rigamortis.

I start sucking it. Your cock is leaking precum. Can I make my dead step-brother blow his load? There’s something calling me to climb on top of his stiffy. I straddle him and slide his dead dick right into my pussy. It’s massive, bigger than it was when he was alive probably. I ride him for hours cuming again and again. Finally, his balls release his final wad of sperm. Did I just get bred by my dead sibling? LOL

Did any of my snuff fantasy roleplays get you hard?

I hope so. I have plenty more ideas where these came from. Even just writing this blog has me all worked up. If you had something in mind that you’ve been shy about confessing I am for sure your girl. Tell me your deepest and darkest snuffy secrets, baby. The more nasty and wild, the better. Looking forward to getting to play with you and share my snuff fantasy with a like-minded weird-o kinkster freak! I’m all ears, baby. What demented ideas make you shoot ropes of cum? Tell me a snuff sex story.

Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke