I couldn’t figure out where my dirty panties kept disappearing to. I thought I was putting them into my laundry basket, but when I come home drunk and high who knows where I would dump them. Today I found out where they have been going- in my roommates drawer!

This guy is my new roommate.He has lived with us for a month. I had a feeling he was up to something. He has been getting a little too excited when I was around him. Like a hungry little puppy. I figured he was gay and maybe he would be a fun dance and shopping partner. He is not gay he said. He likes girls.

He has been offering to do my laundry too. Weird. I decided to snoop in his room when he left for work today. I looked in his desk drawer, hoping to find some cash I could “borrow” and that is where I found them. My dirty crusty underwear stashed in a little pile. What is even grosser is there was dried cum all over them. Ugh.

Now it all makes sense. How he would accidently open the bathroom door when I was peeing. How I would hear him jerking off in the room. Now I know that I can own this pathetic sissy boy. When he comes home I will show him what I found in his room and I will make him pull down his pants. I tell him to let me see what he does with my dirty panties. I want to see his little cock grow. Then I will make him do nasty things to entertain me.

I am going to make him my little pathetic panty sniffing sissy boy!

Are you a sissy boy looking for a Mistress?

Samantha (1064)

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