We all know that masseuses are usually known as people who get rid of all stress. And of course, there are those masseuses that we hear about that do things a little differently. The kind masseuses they hear about in porn. They are sexy, willing, and ready to get you off in the most incredible way.


I was wanted to get one of my regular massages. I get them twice a month and I used to go to this little place that was really awesome and the girl who did it was really great. She knows exactly what she was doing and you know there was nothing weird about it. But for some reason the place I like going to was out of business so I was a little screwed. I started looking for a new place to go and found this one that was on the edge of town. It was professional and clean which is always good when you’re going to be naked in a place and that’s going to be somebody who is massaging every part of my body.

I scheduled an appointment for the next day and was pretty excited because I was so tense and uncomfortable. I walk into the place, and it’s nice and neat and smells like lemon verbena. They offered me some hot green tea while I waited for my massage therapist. My masseuse walked out a few minutes later. She called my name, this leggy, blonde, buxom woman. Her name was Natasha and she spoke with a Russian accent which I found to be very, very sexy. I watch Natasha walk into her room and lay my towel down.

I began taking off my clothes as she prepared the oil and her hands. I was completely nude covered in just a towel lying on my stomach. She put on some very calming classical music and poured oil all over my back and begin to rub. Her hands small yet strong and soft to my lower back and all the way up to my shoulders and my neck then all the way back down to right above my ass. She asked me if my glutes needed to be rubbed I bit my lip and said yes. She poured oil all over my ass and rubbed it deep and hard. The feeling of her hands all over my slippery made me get horny right then.

After a little while, she told me to turn over onto my back. And there she completely removed my towel and poured oil all over my front. There was oil dripping off of my nipples and I couldn’t help myself but I just watched her I should begin rubbing my tits and massaging them so gently. My nipples got really hard and I was loving the way her hands felt all over my tits. She began rubbing lower on to my stomach then down my legs and then all the way down to my feet. I close my eyes just felt strong hands all over my body and wondered what she would rub next.

She asked if I work out and I told her yes I had just had a leg day. So she grabbed the oil poured more on to my thighs. She began to rub all over my thighs getting very close to my throbbing pussy. She rubbed when she thought it was very tense which was right next to my pussy. She had me spread my legs a little wider as she massaged right outside with my pussy lips. I closed my eyes, bit my lip, and gave it a very light moan. She looked up at my face saw that I was in total bliss with what she was doing to me. She spread my legs a little farther and begin rubbing my outer pussy lips. I open my eyes to see her very interested in what was between my legs.

She started rubbing the hood of my clit. Then she grabbed more oil and dripped it right onto my clit. She pulled my hood back and rubbed my clit with her oiled up fingers. I threw my head back and moans quietly as she danced her fingers on my clit. She had done this to someone before and I could tell. And it didn’t bother me at all. She spread my pussy lips apart and begin rubbing up and down from my clit to my asshole. I knew she wanted to fuck me and I was completely ready…

More to cum in part 2!

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