We all know that masseuses are usually known as people who get rid of all stress. And of course, there are those masseuses that we hear about that do things a little differently. The kind masseuses they hear about in porn. They are sexy, willing, and ready to get you off in the most incredible way.
Here’s part 2 of my story.


Natasha was getting naked in front of me her nipples are nice and hard ready to be stuck into my mouth. I spread my legs and grabbed her hand and pulled her close to me choose between my thighs, her warm wet pussy right on mine. She began to kiss me deep and hard and I could feel her pussy was dripping. I couldn’t wait to taste my sexy masseuse juices. I reached down and played with her nipples, pulled on them, twisted them. She moaned lightly as her left nipple into my mouth and begin sucking on it as if it were a piece of candy.

My body was covered in oil and Natasha started sliding around on top of me. She was oiled up and it turned me on even more. She reached down and started rubbing my clit again, then stuck 2 fingers deep inside of my cunt. I gasp and she begins rubbing my g spot with her two fingers. I can feel myself ready to squirt all over her and her table, and possibly all over her floor… the next person to come in with smell my pussy juices in the room. And for some reason that turned me on so much as she finger fucked me.

She worked my cunt and rubbed my clit with the other hand. I can feel my pussy starting to throb around her fingers and lifted my hips and let her fuck me harder. She started fucking me a little harder and rubbing my clit a little faster. I threw my head back and raise my hips up off the table… I felt the most intense orgasm and felt my cum squirting out from my pussy. Natasha pulled her fingers out and began slapping my pussy which made me cum harder. It hurt but god damn did it feel good!

I grabbed her by the hair and kissed her hard and forced her to bring her pussy to me. I could smell her sweet cunt and it made my mouth water as I started biting and licking her inner thighs. She looked down at me as I lightly licked her pussy lips. She had a fat pussy that tasted like candy. Her pussy was so wet that her juices ran down my face as I stuck my mouth on her clit! It was so fucking sexy that I grabbed her ass and pulled her closer. She smiled and giggled as I lifter her hood back and flicked her cute little clit.

I slurped and devoured her from asshole to clit and back again. Never have I tasted a pussy so yummy and sweet. I couldn’t help myself and tongue fucked her. Feeling her g spot on my tongue I rubbed it with my tongue and she squirted a little cum into my mouth. Then back to her clit which I kissed, sucked, flicked, and just loved on. I could feel her getting ready to cum as her clit began to jump up and down in my mouth and she lifted her hood for me. I looked up at her and began working faster and harder as she started grinding on my face and pawing at my tits. “Oh, god! Baby yes! YES!” she exclaimed and let out a little squeal as she came on my face. She laid on top of me and licked my face clean and kissed me.

“I hope you’ll want to CUM back for another massage,” Natasha said to me out of breath.

“Oh yeah. I think I will be back for a LOT more massages.” I said to her as I got up and grabbed my clothing and put them on. Then I went to reception and booked her 3 days a week for the next year.

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