My Sexy Christmas Wish



The first thing you should know about my sexy Christmas wish is that it never changes. It is ALWAYS about you. And, it always leaves me soaking wet! Why? Well, that’s because I want you in every hole I have so fucking bad that my body actually ACHES to be with you. So, when asked if I think Santa knows what a good girl I’ve been, the answer is a resounding, HELL YEAH! But, I suppose that depends on what he would call GOOD! Haha.

However, I help the red suit wearer along with my sexy Christmas wish by doing everything I can to get his notice. So, every day, I walk my sexy ass out onto my balconies; prancing about for anyone with eyes to see. I lounge on my chaise lounges with my legs spread wide. What? I have NOTHING to hide! I diddle and play with my visibly wet pussy and my hardening nipples with my neighbors watching it all.

What Am I Without My Sexy Christmas Wish?

But, trust me, I won’t allow being a phone sex operator to get in the way of my sexy Christmas wish! Even naughty girls have hopes and dreams. Giggle. Additionally, my hopes and dreams are quite simple. I don’t wish for cars or money. Nope. I wish for MORE and STRONGER orgasms! Even the famous people are up to bat when I delve into their cum-filled celeb sex stories. There you will see how Santa grants wishes to even the most wickedly wanton people.

So, I decided to stop being selfish with my sexy Christmas wish and include YOU. Haha. I wish for you to cum into my home and creep up the stairs to my bedroom. There, you’ll find me lying spread-eagle atop the sheets and covers with my eyes closed. But just remember, all closed eyes are NOT sleeping. Not by a long shot! Hell, Santa himself would wrap his talented tongue around each pussy lip and gather his fill of my luscious pineapple-tasting juices!

I Can’t Be The Only Woman With A Licentious Christmas Wish.

Moreover, I would find myself thrusting my sexy Christmas wish forward onto Santa’s face and white-glove-covered hands in lustful urgency. I got him soaking wet with my squirt until he stripped out of that red suit and pulled his sex-starved dick from his red thong to fuck me. Oh, Santa is such a naughty boy when it all shakes out! He practically feeds on my pussy and ass and I return the favor. TRUST me! I want to swallow him WHOLE!

He makes it worth waiting all year to get my sexy Christmas wish! However, there are a whole 365 days in between holidays and I just can’t wait that long. So, here’s where YOU cum in. Get me ready by pushing your manhood down my greedy throat and let me taste you. Squeeze my tits until a stream of milk flows down my flesh. Make me moan for more! But, don’t stop there, Baby. Pump me and fill my holes with all you’ve got. Slide your dick along my throat too.

Give Me My Sexy Christmas Wish.

Give me my sexy Christmas wish. Cum on, I dare you! Pull my hair until my head dips back and pump my face like it’s my pussy or ass, pinch my nipples, lick my face, and make noises cum from me that I’ve never made before with anyone. Make me your sex toy! I’ll jingle your balls (I mean, bells. Giggle.) and decorate your stiff tree with my shiny goo. I’ll have you screaming hallelujah to the highest in praise of how you thrill me before Christmas.

Be the bringer of my sexy Christmas wish. Take my presents and give me yours! There will be no happier girl than the one you gift with your goodness. I promise I’ll be a naughty girl all year for you, Santa. You’ll see. Oh, and you can skip the wrapping. Give it to me raw! Slip your present under the tree for me. I’ve been an awful good girl, Santa Baby. So hurry down my chimney tonight! LOL.

Kisses, Santa!

Just Joey

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